Oceane McAllister Interview (+Book Spotlight)

Everyone, give a big welcome to debut author Ocean McAllister. 😀 Oceane, tell us a bit about yourself. I’m a speculative fiction writer from New England. I love thunderstorms, black olives, and sad endings. I also hate love triangles with a passion and avoid watching rom-coms. (There’s literally NO point to them) I’m also the … More Oceane McAllister Interview (+Book Spotlight)

The Return of My Favorite Series

Once upon a time, summer last year, The Accidental Cases of Emily Abbott happened. Six novellas published over four months like a perfectly binge-able TV show. ❤ Like some of my favorite shows, these books are perfectly clean and HILARIOUS while having interesting, edge-of-your-seat storylines and really fantastic characters. 😉 Book one was amazingly red … More The Return of My Favorite Series

Excerpt Time!

I just broke 42k words on my novel this week! I’m so excited to be so near to the end. It feels a little scary that there’s less than one-tenth of the first draft left to write, but if I forget something, there’s always second drafts, right? XD Also, the message of the novel is … More Excerpt Time!

Book Review: The Princess in Black and the Bathtime Battle

“Something smells like trouble! Can five princess heroes and one Goat Avenger pool their talents to vanquish a monstrous stink? The Princess in Black is in a very stinky situation. A foul cloud is plaguing the goat pasture, and it smells worse than a pile of dirty diapers or a trash can on a hot summer day. … More Book Review: The Princess in Black and the Bathtime Battle

My Poor Characters

You guys, I’m getting a little concerned for my characters. Their author just keeps piling things on them. O.o. I just remembered that this is literally the beginning of the fourth quarter so the WORST is coming. O.o. Who made me decide to write an end-of-the-world story? XD Here is the best un-spoilery excerpt I … More My Poor Characters