Halfway, HOORAY!

I’ve been working more on my fantasy novel, and I’m so happy with how it’s going so far! Something weird just happened and somebody evil probably did it, and the MCs are low on food, and also they’re finally talking to each other a little more which is nice. XD

By my nearest count, I just hit 25/26,000 words, and that’s halfway!!! 😀 To celebrate, here’s a teeny, tiny excerpt. Disclaimer: It’s a very rough draft, have mercy, please.

His knowledge of geography didn’t account for not using the roads, but until they were a safe distance away from the main province, Arrow didn’t want to risk it. A question or two to the innkeepers they had encountered was enough to confirm they were headed east.

He glanced back at the Queen, riding silently a tail’s length behind him. So far she had followed him without a question to where they were going, but soon he would need to come up with a better direction than away. 

She hadn’t questioned because she had barely spoken. Even to the child when she thought he couldn’t hear. With each passing day of the journey, she seemed to sink farther into herself, only eating when he reminded her by handing her food. He never needed to remind her to feed the child; the child reminded them both. 

He broke off a stray branch and threw it to the side. The dog skittered off after it, grasped it in his mouth, and returned to his place beside the horse, carrying the stick triumphantly in his mouth. Arrow smiled slightly and felt his spirits lift.

I love that dog so much. XD

What do you think? Are you currently writing? Tell me about it. 😀

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Kate Willis

Kate Willis likes nothing more than a good story and a thoughtful conversation, preferably with a side of chai tea. Her love for Jesus Christ and her big, closeknit family inspire every story. She is an avid reader and enjoys writing for all ages.

10 thoughts on “Halfway, HOORAY!”

  1. Kate, you’ll be happy to know I’m very excited for this story. 😀 Apparently I am still really invested in this story, after hearing you mention your plans for it just once, years ago, on Goodreads. I guess it’s been in the back of my mind since then. I mentioned it to a friend today when we were talking about a certain trope and relationship type in fiction, that I see in real life, other stories, and this story of yours. This friend also likes your books, and I think she and I will enjoy this one!

    After I remembered it, I had to go hunting all over your blog to see if you’d actually written the story you planned years ago, since i hadn’t heard much about it since. And AHH! I am so excited to hear that you drafted it! I LOVE this snippet. So much. And the snippet confirms this is the same book I was thinking of, and that you’ve been writing it all these years!

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know you have a fan who’s looking forward to this book already! Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to see you release this to the rest of us!

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    1. Aw, Mary, you’re the best! Thank you so much for commenting. ❤ I actually have the first draft printed out and a quarter marked up (before life got crazy, lol) so this a great reminder to return to it. I'm so glad you're invested, and I can't wait for you all to read it. It's really a story of my heart. ❤

      Aahhhh, that's so awesome! So glad you went detective-ing. Now I'm curious to see how many snippets I've posted and if I should post another soon. 😉 If you're looking for more, it's all under the tag "Awake".

      Thanks so much, Mary! ❤


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