O, Christmas Tree!

I just ate an ice cream sandwich in December, yes. But I put crushed peppermint on it, so I think it counts as Christmas food, right? 

Speaking of Christmas food, there have already been a few rounds of hot chocolate and some cookies for our nightly celebration of Advent. Advent is my favorite part of Christmas. I love how it helps us focus on Christ as we countdown to Christmas, draws the whole family together, and stretches out the celebration. (Also, the candles and cookies and carols are so lovely and fun.) 😉 Our church is celebrating Advent as well which is a special treat.

Choir practice is getting even more intense and challenging as we learn and polish Christmas songs. And I love it. 😀 Last Sunday we sang “The Journey”, a beautiful Christmas song I’d never heard before, and this upcoming one is “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”. (You can pray for us. It’s complicated. XD) 

I went Christmas shopping today, and it was so overwhelming! Everything is at double speed and there are so many things to keep track of. xD I did find some good things though, and I’m excited to put some presents under our tree soon. 😉

Our TREE! This is the earliest we’ve ever put it up, I think, and right now it only has white lights on it. It’s so lovely and shiny, and I can’t wait to put our special ornaments on it. 

I read Sarah Holman’s new Christmas book Kate’s Christmas in like a day and a half and loved it so much. It is definitely full of Christmas spirit (when it’s not sobering and exciting), and with some Christmas songs and our cooler weather, I think I’m really starting to feel Christmas coming. ❤

It looks like we’re going to make some Christmas cards this evening, so… 😉

Merry Christmas season!

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