I Really Love This Epic New Edition

(I originally read this book in the black and white first edition. You can find my review of it here.)

“Martin Millar is a second-string soldier with a thirst for adventure. Marco Millar is Martin’s brother, a stableboy who would rather stay at home. As the king’s guard launches the dragon crusade, Martin and Marco are drawn into an unexpected journey that lands them in the path of bandits, monsters, a cursed satchel and even a talking horse – not to mention dragons!

But in order to survive the road there and back again, Martin and Marco have an even bigger challenge to face: themselves.”
(Buy from The Rabbit Room)

Okay, guys, this new edition is GORGEOUS! I wasn’t prepared for how beautiful it was going to be. The coloring was awesome, and I found I could better understand some frames (particularly action) so that was an added bonus. 😉

AND the humor. I forgot how hilarious this was (I was giggling like a kid), and I’m pretty sure I spied some new references/jokes. 😉 (The copyright was fantastic. XD )

But this wasn’t just a quirky story with some great illustrations (or frames?), it also had a big heart. The family relationships really shone, especially the brotherhood between Martin and Marco. They have a properly complicated but cute dynamic. XD I’m looking forward to seeing if/when their adventures converge and experiencing the character arcs along the way. (And from now on, I’m referring to Marco as my Hobbit-baby because he looks like a mesh of Martin Freeman’s Bilbo and one of my nephews. XD)

My favorite parts were the “eleven years later” page (and the one before it, but spoilers, sweetie), any time Marco and his horse interacted, and details of the last page are so awesome and freaky…

Just a note, there are mentions of magical curses and a totem/talisman.

Altogether, this was such a fun, uplifting read! I can’t wait for the next. 😉

(Also, I shared this with my nephew who loves graphic novels, and he was just the cutest poring over it. <3)

He looked through it two or three times. 😀

FTC DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of this book. A positive review was not required. These are my honest thoughts and opinions.

Pictures of the interior of the novel used with permission. Please do not distribute.

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