Baby in a Raincoat

Last Thursday, we hurried inside the church building, running a little late and more than a little in danger of getting wet from the rain that poured down.

I love rain so much. Thunderstorms as wild and loud as a fireworks show… sheets of rain blowing sideways like unsteady toddlers… drizzles of rain too weak to be called a storm but just enough to paint the sky as gray as England.

I love to watch raindrops race down the windows in big tears or hear it pound on the metal roof of the grocery store. I love feeling the first heavy drop hit my nose and ducking into the car before the rest can catch me. I love that weird, tired sound windshield wipers make. I love seeing forks of lightning flash like a tourist’s camera followed by the loud rumble that jumps my heart. I love the smell of rain before and the smell of rain after. I love the squelchy things it does to grass and leaves and dusty earth. I love the way it beads across a spider’s web and catches a world in each droplet. I love the way it rushes down the drains along the streetsides like busy little rivers on their way to nowhere. And I love staying in and looking out and letting pictures fill my mind with new stories or better old ones.

I love rain.

We don’t get much rain where I live now, though we are a little heavier on thunderstorms than some  places. While I loved rain when I lived in PNW, it’s even more exciting when it happens here, and it’s lovely to see the excitement rippling through others.

Back to Thursday morning, our third day of rain in row… We were on our way into church to serve as childcare workers and were running a little late. My sisters and I reached our respective placements, and found that fortunately, no kids had arrived yet.

The kids slowly came in, a little late, a little wet, a little excited just like we had. My sister and I shared a delighted look when T stumped his way through the door. T has Sharpie-black, stick-straight hair, and little dark eyebrows the color of his eyes. He reminds me a lot of one of my nephews with his shy sweetness and his expressive face.

But today, my shy little friend T came into class with his hands deep in the pockets of a little yellow rain slicker with black, line-drawn boats all over it. He wore the hood over his head, and just a little bit of his hair and his chubby face peeked out.

Over the course of the day, a few teachers asked him if he wanted to take his coat off. When his mom came to pick him up, she pushed his hood back and he immediately asked to have it back on again.

It was pretty adorable watching him walk around like that, but it was especially interesting to see him more confident than usual. Maybe it was the joy of getting to wear something new and unusual, or the holiday of a rainy day, or maybe he imagined himself as a little knight or explorer or something else. But I think I’ve understood a little bit of what he was feeling as I’ve pulled out my favorite sweatshirt and walked around the house wearing a blanket cape that makes me feel a little bit like a vintage star or Princess Leia.

Rainy days are just wonderful. ❤

4 thoughts on “Baby in a Raincoat

  1. Your imagery is beautiful, and I enjoyed reading about the adorable little boy as well!

    I have a hard time keeping up with blogs, but I’m glad I stopped by. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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