A Few Lovely Things

Welcome to Kate’s Curation of Lovely Things, the part of the show where Kate comes out and curates lovely things. Or in English, she shares with you some things she’s been loving lately. 😉

My fantastic nephews were over a lot last week, and we took them to the library to bring home approximately a million and a half picture books. Seriously, they are the cutest little bookworms. ❤ I read and reread books about superheroes and baking, and it was really fun. 😉 

One of my favorites was Baby Cakes by Theo Heras. 

My mini-review: This picture book is so adorable. ❤ I was surprised to find out that it was published recently because it has the feel of a classic book. I love the illustrations, and sweet, short text. The pages are nice and thick too so my youngest nephew can turn pages without destroying them. 😉

I also brought home The Hug and Hair Love, and I’m quite looking forward to both. XD 

I also got to share my brand new paperback copy of the graphic novel Martin and Marco by Jonny Jimison (the new gorgeous edition!!!) with my oldest nephew, and I’ll be reviewing that here soon. All I can say now was that I loved every minute of it, and my nephew was glued to the pages. He can’t even read yet, but he studied it so hard at least twice. Pretty cute. 😀

We had a ton of planned activities and crafts and games, but sometimes in the evening everyone was just a bit too tired, so we started a new kid’s show with them. It’s called Hello, Ninja. It’s based on a baby book by N.D. Wilson, and it’s sooo cute! And really positive too. I enjoyed the family relationships, the way the best friends build each other up, the imaginative play, and the SOUNDTRACK. I’m only a few episodes in, so watch at your own discretion, but it was fun. 

And this weekend, after a lot of festivities and a really good, uplifting church service, I got to discover one more lovely, heart-filled (and kind of hard) thing. 

Here’s my review of “Harriet”, originally posted on Facebook…

Just watched Harriet with my siblings and a friend last night. It was such an amazing movie, and I’m so glad I got to see it! ❤

A list of things I loved about it (in no particular order):

1. Harriet. She was such an amazing woman, and I loved the faithful portrayal of her.

2. God was magnified as her guide and friend.

3. THE SOUNDTRACK. I’m listening to it right now.

4. William Still. Do yourself a favor and watch this movie then read his Wikipedia.

5. Harriet’s various allies. It was such a diverse group of people, and I loved seeing how their small acts of resistance and faithfulness worked together to bless many people.

6. The historical accuracy. Some things were tweaked/added for story reasons and increased drama, but it was still really faithful to the real events.

7. The Combahee River Raid. I cried.

If you haven’t seen this yet, get yourself to a theater! ❤

Content note: Since it’s portraying such a horrible time in history, there are at least two very rough scenes as well as allusions to others. There was also one use of the F-bomb and frequent use of the “n” word. A couple of bathing scenes.

One more lovely thing… you are loved by God, so, so deeply. He gave up everything to call you His own, and if you give yourself to Him, He will save you forever and make you into a new, even lovelier person than you are now.

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