Book Review: Legends

Book Review: Legends

An unwanted adventure.

A mysterious enemy.

A breathtaking sacrifice.

Emerson has plans. Plans to stay in his cozy workshop and work in peace as autumn and winter pass. Plans to work hard enough to distract himself from Saria Beggley’s absence. Plans of becoming a successful inventor in order to… well, he’s not thought that all the way through.

But all of his plans are ripped away in one evening when Elton Thorne returns from a quest and unwittingly brings dangerous pursuers straight to the Kadwells’ door.

Kidnapped from his home and catapulted into an adventure he didn’t ask for, Emerson enlists Saria and Coral to heal Ianthe Brighthelm’s mind. Perhaps she will know who’s pursuing them and why. An unfinished invention is waiting for him at home, and he can’t wait to return to the quiet sanctuary of his workshop.

But the danger is larger than Emerson could have guessed, not only to him and those he loves, but to the island chain he calls home. An ancient enemy is plotting, and he means to take everything–even Emerson’s very identity–from the one young man who has unwittingly thwarted him at every turn.” (from Goodreads)

I’ve been struggling to write this review for over six months now, and even today it was a struggle to start it. My notes can’t even begin to capture what I was thinking and feeling as I read it, and I’m not saying that to be dramatic or something. 😉 This will be my best try, but please know that this book is more important, more beautiful, and more profound than I’ll be able to express.

(Also, isn’t the cover perfection?!!)

I’ve said from the beginning that this trilogy was a little out of the box for me, given that it is marketed as paranormal which is a genre I rarely read. There were elements of that in this one too, for sure, but I found it handled with care. 😉

I loved Emerson, Saria, their families, and the Gifted (as always XD), and Elton is growing on me… 😉 I wouldn’t mind a continuation of his character arc with some crazy western-ish escapades on the side.

(We interrupt this clumsy review to say I made the mistake of opening my copy of the book for thirty seconds and crying again.)

Emerson was such an adorable little cinnamon-rolly-thingy missing Saria the entire first bit of the book. He’s usually so focused. XD Lots of quiet, honest cuteness in this one for sure. And loyalty.

Their escapades were great as always–though breaking into the girls’ school was awkward–and I cracked up when Emrie hit Elton with the door. 😀 Also, fantasy coffee for the win. The woman who gave them shelter in her cottage was such an inspiration, and I love what she said about gifts. ❤

Here is where I dissolve. There was sooo much in this book about identity and service and loyalty and reminding people who they are. And true love and IDENTITY and identity being something more than what you can give to the world but something deeper, sourced from God.

Yeah, go read it. And be prepared to be shocked by what the author is willing to take from her characters. 😉

Just a note, there was some peril including kidnapping and a fire. Also, some light, sweet romance.

Best quotes: Just my luck. Get kidnapped–and by the amateurs no less.

“Some folk are gifted with extraordinary gifts, some have just a bit more of something than is ordinary—” her gaze strayed to Saria. “But most of us are given just the ordinary ways to help others. A warm bed and a meal for the traveler. A kind word for the sad.”

Altogether, this was a satisfying series end with themes I’ll hold in my heart for a very long time.

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