Book Review: Underground

“Katherine Holliday has left behind her life in the Federation. She is ready to start a new one with Matthew and the Intolerants. But it isn’t long before the Underground leaders send her on a mission that takes her back to the Federation. Katherine finds herself in City 1, with the help of new and unexpected allies, in an attempt to locate information that could help the Underground escape the Council’s battle plan called Project Endgame.But the Federation has changed and the Council is more desperate than ever. While back in the Federation, Katherine uncovers a tangled web of deception and manipulation. Haynes isn’t the only one with secrets, and the question of who to trust becomes harder to answer.” (from Goodreads)

Okay, so I just discovered a new book syndrome–the exact antithesis to Dispensable Middle Book in a Trilogy syndrome, and I call it The Sequel Is Better Than the First Book, Wow syndrome. I liked Reintegration well enough and was a big fan of some specific aspects, but this one was really, really good.

Underground picked up just days after the first book, and Katherine is a mixture of rejoicing and reeling. No spoilers, but she has a lot to take in. At first, I was a little frustrated or surprised or something that she wasn’t immediately thinking like a Christian (I know the Christian fiction drill), but seeing her slow journey of learning to live in the reality of what Christ has done ended up being really encouraging because I feel that sometimes…

Matthew is still Matthew (<3), and I love his family. The few characters I met of the Underground were interesting as well. Also, Locke and Rush both had me intrigued. O.o. Like, A+ for complicatedness.

Speaking of complicated, I ate up the political and ideological discussions/conflicts. Isolationism vs. impacting the world, physical warfare vs. spiritual warfare, and the definition of true freedom… It was all good. 😀 And it didn’t slow down the plot one bit, either! The mission was crazy and really cool. Also, CRAZY.

The worldbuilding in this one went into a little more depth which was fun. Some of the tech was pretty cool, though it was freaky how the Federation could change so quickly.

There was a little bit of repetition of internal thoughts, but really not a lot and I didn’t mind it all. 😉

Just a note, there were many mentions of executions, the possibility of medical experimentation on young children, and some more gunshots, though they weren’t described.

Best quotes: Suddenly it hits me. I can’t lie to them. Who I was is part of who I am. Christ saved me from who I was. Who I am now proves that He changed me.

“We would be safer that way, but I think something inside of us would die if we gave up and stopped fighting. We’d no longer be standing up for what’s right.”

Altogether, I really enjoyed and was encouraged by this book. Book three can’t come soon enough. 😉

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