Book Review: Penguin Days

“Lauren and her family drive to a farm in North Dakota to visit relatives and celebrate her Auntie Joss’ wedding. But Lauren finds to her dismay that she is expected to do more than meet adults who hug her and invade her personal space. Lauren is going to be―horror of all horrors―a flower girl.

Lauren has Autism Spectrum Disorder, and she sees the world a little differently from other kids. What makes her comfortable are her routines and her coping mechanisms for her anxiety, which can get out of control in no time. So it is a challenge to deal with her rambunctious cousins, try on scratchy dresses, and follow impossible directions about going down aisles slowly-but-not-like-a-sloth and tossing pretend flowers around. Is it any surprise that Lauren flips her lid more than once?

But while having an extended family seems like a lot of trouble at first, she’s about to learn just how much they can care for one another.” (Add on Goodreads)

Apparently, I’m not good at keeping track of authors whose work I like because this book came to me as a total (welcome!) surprise. XD Slug Days was eye-opening and enjoyable, so I was delighted to find out there was a sequel.

It was very neat to see Lauren’s life as it continued on from the first book. She is quite enjoying the friend she made, is bonding with her baby sister <3, and is implementing things she has learned from her special education teacher. But, as always happens with life, a new situation came up, and I was rooting for her as she learned to navigate it and find things and people to love within it.

One of my favorite things about these books is that they are stories that could resonate with anyone–I’ve been nervous around relatives, shy to face a crowd, and hated a prescribed outfit–and the only thing that makes them different is Lauren’s unique outlook and challenges. The ending was quite satisfactory. 😉

Just a note, parental guidance is suggested to help young readers understand the main character’s tendency toward outbursts of anger. Also, because of the situation, this book was slightly more stressful than the first one.

Altogether, I loved this book, and I’d happily take another.

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