Plate Update: Space, Brownies, and Monsoon Season

August was a good, FULL month, and even though it’s still two weeks until autumn officially begins, I fell like that was the summer “season” finale. XD (Here’s hoping!)

Last month’s full plate was piled with movie popcorn. 😉

Here’s an update on my full plate…

Pleasure read:

The Pioneer (three stars, excellent sci-fi worldbuilding)

Outcast (family read-aloud for homeschool history class)

Auggie and Me (four stars)

A-Spying We Will Go (five stars)

Once Upon a Dime (five stars)

Penguin Days (four stars)

The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey (four stars)


Emails and texts

Author questions on Goodreads


8,225 words on “Sincerely, Jem” (originally “Love, Jem”) finishing out draft one!!

Meeting minutes for my transcription job

Book reviews

A newsletter

Blog posts (the top five being Do I Have That Book? Challenge; I Finished a Giraffe; Plate Update; Writing, Reading, Loving Lately; and Meet My Bookshelves!)


My bookshelf tour vlog 😛


Had a friend over to help with a leftover brownie “problem”

Enjoyed some AMAZING thunderstorms

Welcomed home new books

Watched the live action Aladdin with my siblings ❤

Celebrated AnnaStorynerd’s birthday 😀

I also had some amazing family hang out times (including s’mores and a really cool liturgy), shopped the back-to-school sales (because notebooks), watched Overcomer and cried my eyes out at the beauty, and did some training for a new volunteering opportunity at church. 😉

This month, I’m looking forward to working with beta-readers on my Christmas novella “Sincerely, Jem”, enjoying the real coming of autumn, and getting to further incorporate into my new church family. 

Oh, and I still have this cool thing to do…

How was your August? What are you looking forward to this month?

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