Book Review: A-Spying We Will Go

“Camping doesn’t lead to kidnapping… usually.

When Emily goes on a group camping trip in Northern Arizona, she suspects her biggest danger will be mosquito bites and bear-sightings. The trip becomes far from relaxing, however, when she hears from a family friend that they can’t get in touch with her dad. Unable to call, due to spotty cell phone reception, she manages to send a text asking for Brent’s help in checking on her dad. 

But the spy has been incommunicado for several days, and it turns out he’s up North too–trying to locate a missing ICS agent with information about the Ten Thousand.

Not everything is as it seems. More than bears roam the woods, and information could cost a life.” (from Goodreads)

FTC DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of this book. A positive review was not required. These are my honest thoughts and opinions.

Juuusssttt The Emily Abbott series making this a record-breaking good book year for me. Nothing new. 

This one started out slightly differently from the others in that Brent and Emily weren’t together for a few chapters. I know that sounds horrible to our shippy hearts, but it was actually really fun to see her make interact with her church family, make a new (absolutely crazy and best ever) friend, and talk to Brent in her head of course. XD 

Once Brent did show up (minor spoiler) things got realllly crazy. Crazier than they’ve gotten in the series so far, and it was fun to see Brent’s spy skills (and tech!) and Emily’s street smarts/ordinariness/special skills learned from her dad complement each other once again. (When in doubt, quote movies. :P) I especially liked how the unpredictable monsoon weather added an extra element of danger to their adventure. Without giving away too many spoilers, the ending did feel like they had failed somewhat in their mission, but there were some big reveals about the 10,000 and ICS itself and they did do some good. 😉

Just a note, there was more peril in this one, including death threats. There was also a mention of murder.

Best quotes: “Finally!” Emily murmured. “Someone who gets my spy movie references.”

I wish we would develop a sudden gift for telepathy like in all the Young Adult fantasy novels.

“It was all a big ruse.” “Yes, yes. Of course.”

Altogether, this was a great adventure. I’ll have another! 😉


Series stats so far…
Codenames: eleven
Car crashes: still two
Awesomeness level: 105%

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