Writing, Reading, Loving Lately

Last week, I finally got to pick up my Camp NaNo story again and put in some more words. It’s been so much fun getting to know these characters better and move the story forward. Some big things (and some cute things) have been happening. 😀 Here’s an excerpt…

(Context, during a loooong game of Monopoly, Jessie is brainstorming a Christmas card for her pen-pal…)

Andi yawned and leaned back in her chair. “Is it my turn yet, because I’m still in jail.”

         Kee snapped his fingers and leaned forward again. “Don’t people sometimes write words with elements on the periodic table? That would be so nerdy.”

         “Oooo, I liked that idea. Like a lot. Can you bankrupt me so I can start on it?” Jessie drummed impatiently on the edge of the table.

         “After we break Andi out of jail.”

         Andi made it out of Monopoly jail only to be sent back again, and Kee bankrupted Jessie in another two turns. Jessie gave him a congratulatory handshake and excused herself.

I’ve been shifting my books around a lot this week. I keep buying more books or graduating books I love from the TBR shelf to the “Keep This Forever” shelf, so… *grimaces happily* I wouldn’t be surprised if no two pictures of my bookshelves are alike. XD The two newest books added to my paper-family are a hardback copy of Annie’s Life in Lists by Kristin Mahoney (a book I’ve loved before) and In 27 Days by Alison Gervais (something I’m really excited to try). I blame my bookshelf “problem” on Book Outlet, the same place also responsible for my copies of the Beautiful Blue World duology. Seriously the best site.

Speaking of graduating books from my TBR shelf… I finished reading Auggie and Me by R.J. Palacio this week. It’s a companion book to Wonder, and it was soooo amazing. ❤ I’m so glad I picked it up. If you loved Wonder, definitely give it a try. I’ll be reviewing it soonish. 😀

My sister Anna had her birthday this week, and in celebration us older squad went to see the live-action Aladdin. It was my first time seeing it, and I enjoyed it immensely. Will Smith always cracks me up so much, and I really liked the movie’s message and cultural elements. And some of those songs are pretty catchy too. 😀 (I want a pet tiiiiggggerrrr.)

What have you been writing/reading/loving lately?

(Oh, and one of my favorite musicians just released a new song… It’s THE BEST.)

8 thoughts on “Writing, Reading, Loving Lately

  1. Sounding awesome so far, Kate! *High Five*
    I’m so glad you got a copy of Annies Life in Lists!! That book is adorable! =D You’ll have to tell me if you like In 27 Days. I’ve heard a lot about it, but haven’t read it yet.
    Apparently, I have no self-control because I’m re-listening to The O’Malley series which I just read last year. ;D

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    1. Thanks, Mikayla! *high fives you back* 😉

      Aw, yes! One of my sisters got one too. We both love it, and I’m glad you like it too! 😀 Sure thing. I’m nervous but also excited to see what it’s like. 😉

      Ha, ha! I love it! Rereads are so fun.

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  2. Ohhh good for you!! 😃😃 Getting further ahead on a project is ALWAYS wonderful ❤️ The excerpt was great!! 💕And my bookshelves are in a horrendous state…I haven’t had a lot of time for reading anything lately except for the Bible and college textbooks, so my poor shelves definitely need some attending to!!😉❤️😉 Also, I’ve never heard of that song/group before, but that was really cool!
    Keep writing for Him!❤️

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