A Phone Call with the Dropcap Ninja

A Phone Call with the Dropcap Ninja

Today I…

  1. Did some final, minor edits on “The Night Archers”.
  2. Gawked over the full spread of my cover.
  3. Learned some formatting tips and tricks from my sister Perry Elisabeth over the phone. (Dropcaps are so cool! So is Perry.)
  4. Formatted.
  5. Almost bought an ice cream sandwich. Was saved by having no change on hand.
  6. Formatted some more.
  7. Added back in some formatting that had gone missing.
  8. Previewed my files.
  9. Found a missing quotation mark and guided it home.
  10. Ate some sort of food sometime.
  11. Was surprised by and grateful for some amazing formatting options. (Can’t wait for you all to see them!)
  12. Uploaded my files. *sucks in a deep breath*
  13. Scheduled some exciting sales on my other books. (Stay tuned.)
  14. Sent e-copies to my reviewers and beta-readers! ❤
  15. Wrote this blog post.
  16. Thought about food again.
  17. Realized there was still some day left I could do something with. 😉

I am soooo excited to share this book with you! It’s a little surreal that I’m this close to releasing this book since I’ve been working on it for so long. 😉 It’s happening in just the next few days, y’all!

Thank you all for your patience and encouragement! ❤

18. Got off the computer.

6 thoughts on “A Phone Call with the Dropcap Ninja

  1. Do you use a specific app or software to format your manuscripts? (I’ve been starting to prod around in that area of things so I know what to do when I need to; also, it’s interesting. 😜)

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    1. I formatted my paperback in Microsoft Word. (Actually using the first book’s files as a template. 😉 ) For ebooks, I do some basic formatting in Google Docs then upload the document to a site called Draft 2 Digital where they finish it up. That’s super cool!

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