Plate Update: Spies, Welsh, and Buddy Reads

Does anyone know what happened to May? I have my calendar here to prove that it happened, but still… 2019 is galloping by. XD

Last month’s plate was full of… more cake. I love this baking thing. 😀 (Oh, and this series is actually named after the idea of a “full plate” being all the responsibilities and projects and celebrations in life, but I still mention food because I like to.)

Anyway, here’s a quick update on my full plate last month…

Pleasure read:

Red Rover, Red Rover (five stars)

The Unsung Hero of Birdsong, USA (five stars)

Lightporter (read-aloud, four stars)

Plan to Fail (five stars)

Beautiful Blue World (buddy read, four stars)

Opposite of Always (two stars)

Bad Things, Small Packages (five stars)

Threads of Blue (buddy read, four stars)


Emails and texts

“Book or movie?” in a vlog with Anna


Using half a cake mix

Strawberry cake

Gymnast hair (oh, the strange research authors do! 😛 )

Person of Interest fanvideos ❤

Welsh words

Enneagram types

How to steal–er, download–videos off Facebook

Congress/House of Reps

Granola recipes

Food allergies 😦


How to pronounce “Mjolnir” (very important)


Reviews, like crazy XD

Character profiles for a future story

My summer reading list 😀

Blog posts (the top five being My Bookshelf Had a Growth Spurt; A Fangirl-y, Suprisingly Thoughtful-y Vlog with Anna; The 5 Stages of Finishing a Book; I Love Duologies; and Books with Friends.)


5,194 words on “The Night Archers”

A friend’s blog


Baked cakes x 4 (one was a cheesecake) 😀

Watched Avengers: Endgame again… 😉

Organized my new bookshelf!

Made a really fun greeting card

I also had some amazing celebrations/hangouts with family and friends, ate the world’s best Oreo ice cream, and enjoyed a double buddy read with Mikayla. 😉

In the remainder of this month, I’m looking forward to releasing “The Night Archers”, prepping for the Generation Rising booth at the homeschool convention next month, and experimenting with some web design. And we’ll see what else God sends my way. 😉

How was your May? What are you looking forward to this month?

8 thoughts on “Plate Update: Spies, Welsh, and Buddy Reads

  1. I am looking forward to finish reading “My Dear Hamilton”. It is a great read. I am learning things I never knew about Alexander Hamilton. I want to finish painting the kitchen. We are using a light yellow. I did a little painting today, some of the woodwork. Thank you for your May update. I look forward to these updates every month. You are right where has the year gone?

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    1. That’s great! I love it when historical fiction opens my eyes to a time in history I knew little to nothing about. 😉 Have fun painting! You’re welcome. Glad you enjoyed!


  2. THE EMILY ABBOTT BOOKS ^_^ I love those!!! I just can’t wait for book #4!! Which is your favourite so far? Mine was #1 but I loved #3 A LOT and #2 was realllly good.
    I keep forgetting that we’re in June and thinking that we’re in July. *_* May was something of a hard month as I pliers through all my hated school subjects so I could graduate, but it’s worth it. xD I also read some A M A Z I N G books lately… not sure if it was in May, but oh well. I don’t have a good memory. xD

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    1. AHHH!!! HIGHEST OF FIVES. Book 4 is gonna be so amazing. 😀 Oh, dear… I don’t know. I loved #1 because it was introductions, I found #2 to be a really, really clever plot (and the car and formal stuff was funny), and #3 was hilarious and suspenseful. Can I say all of them? XD

      Oh, wow! Living ahead. 😉 Wow, great job! That’s very tiring and exciting. 😀 And hooray for good books. 😉


  3. May? Oh, yeah, it’s not still May, is it? Actually it seems like it should only be March at the latest. But here it is almost July! Crazy! I don’t remember what I did in May. Not much writing that’s for sure. My total word count for May was 5,402. 😦 June is looking much better.
    Even though I’m late commenting, I did read most of this post the day it came out. 😛
    Also this month I started the FFF planning. And did some reading, My sister and nephew both had birthdays. But now it’s almost July and Camp is going to start soon.
    Anyway, sorry for a rambling comment. 😉 Enjoyed your post.

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