Something Old, Something New (Cover Reboots!)

Confession time: the cover of a book really does influence what I think about it.

But that’s okay.

It’s just like the frosting on the cake influencing how you think of the cake, right? Or the wrapping paper heightening your excitement for the gift inside…

Book covers are probably my top visual art form. I collect my favorite covers on a Goodreads shelf (or in a computer file), browse through covers on Goodreads and at the library, and enjoy just how perfectly the cover goes with the book inside it.

Because 900% of the time, the book cover is pretty much perfect. Then there are just a few times where the cover gets a reboot and I suddenly realize that now it’s perfect.

Like with this series…

I loved the first cover (especially that bent paper corner ❤ ), but the new one is so much more on point for the genre, has the adorablest fonts, and I’m a fan of the drawn style.

Or like with this one…

…where I actually can’t decide between them and find both pretty perfect. 😀 I own the second of these two, especially since the sequel is adorable in that edition.

Today, I’m excited to share cover reboots for the first two books in The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy series by Kellyn Roth. Take a look at this. 😀

Editions #1, #2, and #3. Look at the difference!!

Seriously, I love this so much. 😀

When I first read The Dressmaker’s Secret three or four years ago, it was with the first edition cover. It’s super exciting to see how this series has evolved, especially since the new covers reflect updated insides too. 😀

So, what do I love most about the new covers?

The greenness! ❤ We need more green books, honestly.

The tagline. Wow.

People! I love covers with people on them.

I can guess right of the bat that it’s historical fiction now, so that’s a plus. 😀

It has a similar feel to the first book but at the same time, it’s all its own.

I can already feel how lonely the MC might be in this book just from looking at it.

There is ivy growing on the fence. Ivy, y’all.


They’re certainly pretty awesome. 😀 Congratulations to Kellyn on these lovely covers! Follow her blog for release dates and more book details. 😀

And tell me, do you have a favorite cover makeover?

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Kate Willis

Kate Willis likes nothing more than a good story and a thoughtful conversation, preferably with a side of chai tea. Her love for Jesus Christ and her big, closeknit family inspire every story. She is an avid reader and enjoys writing for all ages.

8 thoughts on “Something Old, Something New (Cover Reboots!)”

  1. I too tend to look at a cover concerning if I am interested in a book. I do not like the characature covers. They look silly to me. These new covers are pretty.


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