Book Review: Such a Tease

“Madeline, with a little assistance, discovers her old adversary is gaining a following in Rockland! Can she expose him for the fraud she’s sure he is?

In book two of the Meddlin’ Madeline series, Madeline Brown has a new endeavor to occupy her time. But is it to keep her out of the way or a reward for her work in Sweet on You? With the help of her young friends, Madeline discovers her old adversary is gaining a following in Rockland! What’s a girl to do? 

However, her new position also gives her opportunities to observe, and what she sees sets more than one new investigation in motion. What does her old suitor, Delbert Jackson, know? Why is Mr. Merton giving important papers to that scoundrel, Vernon Smythe, and whatever happened to poor Abigail Cooper? 

Add to these intriguing questions Henry Hardwick’s continued attentions, Edith’s newfound devotion to the temperance movement and Madeline’s determination to find her a more reliable suitor, and strange behavior from her Aunt Louisa and things heat up as summer fades from Rockland. 

Unfortunately, her dear friend, Russell, busy with an important project at work, finds himself unable to help keep her out of trouble and away from danger. Is Madeline going too far? Will her meddling get her in serious trouble this time, will it destroy her reputation irreparably, or will she rid Rockland of a scoundrel once and for all?” (from Goodreads)

I picked up this book on a free promotion and fell head-over-heels for this series. Even though I enjoyed book one, I honestly wasn’t sure I wanted to read on, but this book convinced me. 😀

Madeline is all my favorite aspects of Anne Shirley and Emma Woodhouse combined. (And I’ve compared Russell to Knightley, but I still hold by it, though he is more fun-loving and godly. And we got a little more of a glimpse into his spiritual struggles, which was neat.) Throughout this series, it’s been especially interesting to watch Madeline grow both in her detective skills and in her spiritual walk. In this one, it was very cool to see her realize why things she considered fanatical were very important to others. (Though that scene near the end was rather sad. 😦 )

The banter, the mystery (surprisingly connected to the last one!), and Madeline’s originality were delightful. And they actually made photography sound interesting too. 

Just a note, because this mystery was connected to the first one, there were some pretty scandalous implications. Other content included an “off-screen” suicide, explosions, and a scene of drunkenness. 

Best quote: “You cannot satisfy everyone’s expectations for you, but where you can, show those you love that you don’t disregard their consideration.”

[Madeline to Russell] “Your mother requested me for dinner.” “I wouldn’t go. Even Mother presumes too much if she expects you to sacrifice yourself for some strange culinary whim.”

Altogether, this was a great read, and you better believe, I read the rest of the series soon after. 😉 


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Kate Willis

Kate Willis likes nothing more than a good story and a thoughtful conversation, preferably with a side of chai tea. Her love for Jesus Christ and her big, closeknit family inspire every story. She is an avid reader and enjoys writing for all ages.

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