Excerpt Time, Yay!

I got to write more on my project today (for the first time in forreeeevverrr!!!), and since this temperamental author currently loves her story, you get an excerpt. 😉


I smiled to myself as I opened the door to my locker and pulled out my sketchbook and the brand new package of colored pencils. They were a back-to-school gift from Mom and Dad, all in subtle colors not available in the art room. I pressed my nose against the packaging and inhaled a whiff of their beautiful, waxy smell.

The smell of my new pencils was quite overshadowed by the familiar aroma of the art room. Paints, fixatives, clays, and ceramics blended together. The door was propped open by a massive bronze dog, and a woman with gray ringlets and a colorful smock met me at the door.

“Kylee, right?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“I’m Miss Appleby. Nice pencils, what brand are they?”

I showed her the case, and she nodded in approval at them. “Your friends have been saving you a spot it looks like, so go ahead and join them. Smocks are on the wall left of the door.”

I thanked her and walked over to the wall of hooks. Standing on tiptoe, I grabbed a bluish one with yellow swirls all over it that reminded me of Van Gogh’s Starry Night and pulled it over my head. This smock would have been a normal length on anyone of average height, but it fell far past my knees even longer than the playful dress I was wearing.

All the art in this book is making me so happy. I have discovered that my character has a slight obsession with Van Gogh’s style. I have also discovered that she is very short, somewhat insecure, and quite loveable. 😉

Just for fun, here’s another excerpt from earlier in the story. First chapter, almost the first scene actually.

I walked down the row of lockers, eyes on their numbers, until I found mine. 221. A smile found its way to my face for the first time this morning since I’d awoken from my nightmare. This number couldn’t be more perfect. I swung the metal door open and dumped my backpack in. Math class first. Textbook, notebook, two pencils. I swung the door shut, feeling much lighter, and turned my canvas shoes toward the door.

“Hello, Holmes, I’m Joss.”

It was the boy behind me. I turned to catch a glimpse of his face. His angular blue eyes were smiling in a friendly way, and he held out his hand in greeting.

I shook it and found my voice. “I’m Kylee.” So, his locker was across from mine. The heavy feeling from that morning pressed around me again. I already knew we couldn’t be friends.

I took a few steps forward, and he fell into step with me.

“I’m new here, first day.”

He’d probably had a tutor.

“Can’t find my way around for the life of me.”

Definitely had a tutor.

“You’re on your way to math, right?”

Good deduction, Watson. I wanted to say it aloud, but something in me couldn’t. Still, it was nice to meet someone who seemed to love and know the world’s greatest detective as much as I did. I decided on a nod, then added, “I can show you where it is, if you want.”

“Thank you, Kylee.”

Joss is sort of the other main character. He’s got an interesting backstory which is SUPER fun. 😀

I broke 7,000 words today and had a lot of fun making my character go to an art museum. (Did I mention this book is FULL of art?! And I didn’t even plan it. 😉 )

I’m really blessed by my story right now and enjoying attempting to write what God has laid on my heart. 😉 Here’s to 1,000 more words!

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