Book Review: Kate’s Dilemma

Book Review: Kate’s Dilemma

kate'sdilemma“Kate can’t stay with the team any longer. She has worked for too long to keep the walls around her heart and around her past to allow the team to tear them down now. She doesn’t think they can handle what is behind them; she’s not sure she can. Heading to Charleston with the team on one last case, she and Brian go undercover as brother and sister to find out if a young musician is profiting from illegal activity.

Patrick is going undercover as a summer student at the University of Charleston. He tries to befriend the sister of a suspected drug runner, but nothing is coming easily. The sister won’t trust him, leads keep drying up, and tension in the team is building. When things begin to fall apart, Patrick is convinced that he can fix things, but can he?” (from Goodreads)

Wow, I missed this series. I am ridiculously excited to have read book three now. I love the characters, setting, inside jokes, and solid Biblical truth so much. It was a little bit like coming home. 😉

While the mystery in this one was interesting, it was less intense than the others and a little more on the talky side. Which I didn’t mind because–character development. I loved getting to know them all a little better, especially Brian. He was so darling and cheerful and helpful and funny, despite all the pain from his past. Truly a testimony to God’s work. This book was also a big one for Patrick’s character arc. O.o. I’ll say no more, but wow. 😀 (Also, him in college just tickled my funny bone.)

I probably say this every book, but poor Kate. She has a lot to work through, and I’m glad she had her team and God.

The underlying themes of the story were really good, especially the one of modern-day piracy since it doesn’t get talked about much for what it actually is. It definitely got me thinking about the small ways I don’t honor others’ intellectual property.

I hope Guitar Gus is based on someone real. That is the coolest idea ever, and he was a sweet character. Also, if Brian ever needs to borrow me as a younger sister, I’m game.

Just a note, there are a few mentions of immorality and some slightly graphic PTSD flashbacks. Also, their case involves drug running and a murder, though both were handled tastefully. There were a couple pretty intense chapters with a kidnapping as well.

Best quotes (all courtesy of Brian, I think): “You see how damaged you are, but that is never how Christ views you, Kathrine. He sees you as you can be and what you will be.”

“There are other breakfast foods, oatmeal being my favorite, fruit, nuts…” “Whoa, you are making it sound way too healthy.”

“How does one have a running joke with oneself?” “If you’re easily amused it isn’t hard.” “Now, about getting out of here.”

Altogether, I enjoyed this book, and I can’t wait to read the next one. (Apparently, it’s set in my hometown state!)


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