Praying for Fictional Characters

“Wow, I keep almost praying for these characters! This book is so intense!”

It’s a joke, a compliment to the author, and a way of expressing that a book is very engaging. We feel rather sheepish even saying it, but I recently realized, it’s actually not that weird.

What if we actually did pray for fictional characters?

Every story is based on something–a character, a place, a situation. Behind every fictional character who evokes your compassion is a real person or at least a real type of person. Let the Holy Spirit prompt you to pray for a real person in a real situation like the one you’re reading about.

Today I started reading Threads of Blue by Suzanne LeFleur (sequel to a big favorite Beautiful Blue World). It’s a moving story involving the suspense and danger of wartime, the unique problems of being a refugee, and tough, relationship-straining decisions. It’s got some hefty stuff for such a little book when I think about it. 😉

It’s pretty new to me, but I’ve been striving to pray as I read to not only enjoy the book but also to be enriched by it.

What have you been reading?

25 thoughts on “Praying for Fictional Characters

  1. My mom will mutter “Have mercy” at random times because she forgets this isn’t real XD, but I’ve never thought of it that way. 🙂 Perhaos I should.

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  2. That’s a really good point about praying for a person in a similar situation. There are definitely times I’ve felt like praying for my favorite characters to survive a book. In fact, the one I’m reading right now has me quite nervous. It’s fascinating to me that fictional characters evoke such real emotions. 🙂

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      1. I’m reading Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas, it’s the last book in the series so there’s a lot happening! What have you been reading lately?

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      2. Oh, wow! Niiiice. I’d imagine that’s intense too since you know there won’t be more after.

        I read the third book in the Kate’s Case Files by Sarah Holman last week, and this week it was Threads of Blue by Suzanne LeFleur. (So heartbreaking and amazing!!!) Right now I’m just savoring that book and trying to decide what’s next. 😉


  3. Wow! As always you’ve really made me stop and think, Kate! I go to pray for book characters all the time, but I’ve never really stopped to really to think to myself just go ahead and pray. Pray to glean wisdom from the book. Pray for people who are hurting and SO in need of pray in the same way that this fictional character is. Wow! Thanks for the new perspective, Kate. ;0

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