An Avoidance of Strawberries

I love strawberries.

Strawberries are dark, dark red, my favorite color. Strawberries are the right balance of sweet and tart. Strawberries have seeds, but they are small enough to be decoration and not an irritation. They also happen to have a beautiful summer-green handle.

Strawberries are yummy in smoothies. Strawberries are fantastic on their own. And strawberries are simply perfect dipped in sour cream and brown sugar.

I love strawberries.


We recently discovered during the height of strawberry season that they can do very bad things to me. Well, not very bad things. Just embarrassing ones like making my cheeks swell to twice their size (inside and outside) so that I was biting the inside whenever I shut my mouth. I had flashbacks to what I looked like when I was four.

Strawberries are one of the most pesticide covered fruits, so we decided to see if organic ones gave me as much trouble. Turns out, I can still have them, I just have to have the right kind. πŸ˜‰

Last night my mom bought strawberries to go with dinner. She so-very-sweetly intended to get a package of organic strawberries just so I could have them too, but it turns out the store had stocked regular ones in that spot and–no strawberries for me.

Someone thought to serve the leftovers for breakfast. It took some reminding (a couple times, actually) for me to keep myself from accidentally eating some. And then the last few were sliced up and served as a salad topping with lunch. I *almost* ate some again.

There’s a strawberry of another kind I’ve been avoiding, and even more so lately. The news. The news is interesting since, after all, it does tell a story. The news is curiosity satisfying since everyone around me is talking about it. And reading the news smacks of being “well-informed”.

But I have a very bad reaction to it. Well, not a very bad reaction, but an unhealthy one. I feel a strange mixture of fear, anger, and a huge dose of anxiety about things that don’t affect me at all. Things that I have no power to change and not enough information about to even understand.

It is good to be well-informed. It is good to understand what others are talking about. It is also good to be a peaceful person and to save your God-given emotional energy and empathy for things closer to home. And some news now and then really isn’t that bad for me, as long as it’s the right kind. πŸ˜‰


Some happy news (and be careful of ads and sidebar):

  1. A golden retriever puppy rings his doorbell to be let back into the house.
  2. A 91-year-old man hands out chocolate bars to strangers. ❀
  3. Navy vets have a reunion with the man their crew “adopted” as a baby.

20 thoughts on “An Avoidance of Strawberries

  1. Oh, I feel ya. I don’t look at the news at all. I probably would have to research a person or event to actually understand what is happening. I probably should since there is a new election coming up but I trust God and don’t worry about the future.

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    1. Yeah, I’m the same. I’ve decided to quit researching as much if something doesn’t directly relate to me, ya know? πŸ˜‰ Good for you! ❀ And there are some very un-stressful sites/voter guides that have all the info there for you too look at when it's time instead of having to comb the internet, phew. πŸ˜‰


  2. Sorry about the strawberries. But those links were the best! Have you ever seen the movie “1000 Men and a Baby”? (It’s now titled “Narrow Escape”.) The video clips on that news report from when Danny was a baby were from that movie! Now I want to go watch it again! We watch it every year around Christmas time since it ends at Christmas.

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  3. I have been eating organic ones ever since I was pesticide poisoned by strawberries. I got so sick I could not walk in straight line I felt soooo sick and it turned out I had been pesticide poisoned, I can not even describe how sick I was!
    So I think I know how you feel (I will not even ttouch*normal*strawberries)

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  4. Aw, *sends you organic strawberries*
    And you’re right bout the news. My mom was telling my sister all about some big court case and I was saying β€œstop, just stop!” It’s hard!

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  5. I’m sorry you had to give up some strawberries. The same thing happened to me and milk, but now I had great lactose free milk!
    I’m 100% with you on this one. I gave up watching and reading news about five years ago, and I have been SO much happier since. I hope this draws you closer to God and helps you feel better!

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    1. Thank you! ❀ Aw, yay!! That's great. πŸ˜‰

      Thanks so much, Mikayla! ❀ I've never had it delivered straight to my email or anything, but it used to show up in my Facebook sidebar/feed and after I decided to block that out I still would research stuff if it seemed really big, but I've decided not to do that any more. Thank you! ❀ πŸ™‚

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  6. Sorry about your reaction to strawberries. My girlfriend had the same reaction to bananas when she was a child. My twin sister is allergic to peanuts,chocolate, fish and eggs. I cannot eat any lettuce and must limit my intake of fruits and vegetables.

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  7. Wow! My sister get so the same thing from pineapples, and YES! I’m so glad I’m not the only one! There’s a fine line between informed and a news junky. I don’t like news in the least. Politics makes me sick, but I need to know information and for that I have my dad and my (news junky) pastor. So it’s all good.
    Still, exactly. News is just so depressing!

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  8. Oh dear…sorry you have a reaction to non-organic strawberries. I can’t eat Nutella (and I assume, just plain hazelnuts since I’m not allergic to any of the other ingredients) because it makes my lips break out with sore patches and awful cracks at the corners. No work-arounds for that allergy other than not touching hazelnuts, unfortunately. And Nutella was so gooood. *whimper* :/

    I mostly avoid the news for the sake of my emotional health too, other than brief glances to stay just informed enough about those things that do affect me, like some crazy person running around in a location I need to avoid until their caught, weather events, or election season, when I need to pay just enough attention to know who I need to vote for. But it’s a careful balance to be sure. Too little information and I run the risk of putting myself in danger, or voting for someone who will lead our country further away from God. Too much information and *click* goes the unnecessary anxiety switch that only flips on when I let the world convince me that God is not big enough to [fill in the blank]. It’s especially easy to get too much these days when the 24-hour news cycle gets fixated on a certain stressful things and just goes on and on and on about it, and/or awfulizes stuff. It is then that I have to remind myself that God is in control of everything and can work it together for good no matter what is happening, and in the meanwhile, I am in control of the TV remote. :p

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    1. Oh, sorry! I’ve never had Nutella, but I’ve heard it’s really good, so I’m sorry for you. 😦 I wonder if there’s a kind that uses a different kind of nut or something. πŸ˜€

      I love what you said here! Don’t sign up for stress, stay aware, and trust God. πŸ˜‰


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