Inspiration — The Thoughts of a Hacker

Inspiration — The Thoughts of a Hacker

Disclaimer: this post does not necessarily represent the opinions of Kate, because she hasn’t even read it. Kate doesn’t endorse the following content because she doesn’t know it’s here. Kate also isn’t a financial sponsor of the writer, sadly.


Kate is busy tonight. And you know today is Friday (I hope you know that, I’ve been waiting for it the whole week). I also hope you remember that you get a really special kind of post tonight. Or you usually get a special post today, unless Kate is busy.

I asked her what her Friday theme is. She said something about inspiration…

So I’m on it.

Is inspiration random for a creative? Or do word artists actively search out inspiration? Is everything that comes to mind something you should work with and develop? These questions naturally accompany the idea of inspiration.

Inspiration is a way of experiencing the world

It’s interesting to me that the word “inspiration” can also mean “inhalation.” Inspiration is breathing.

Yes, for many of us inspiration seems to strike randomly at any moment… and the golden ideas often do, but at least for me, I’m inspired by the world around me. I breathe in the sights, the people, the looks in their eyes—and that stimulates creativity like nothing else. If you look at the world through the eyes of a hungry creative, you will see so much inspirational lunch your mind won’t be able to cope… 😀

But is it really inspiration if it doesn’t come naturally? What if you have to work for ideas? Well, if you breathe in inspiration, maybe you need to take a walk for fresh air. Go out of your way to absorb creation and people’s individual stories. After that, just imagine.

Inspiration should be guided

We have another concept associated with the word inspiration. In fact, the root word really means “Divine guidance.” Now, I’m not trying to claim that everything we think of is inspired by God (and definitely not in the sense of Scripture) but we should seek guidance within the things that inspire us.

There can be so many ideas, so many concepts that capture our imaginations, but in the end, if it’s a worthless endeavor, it was nothing more than. a. worthless…… endeavor. We should seek God on what He’d have us create, what He wants us to communicate, and which ideas would glorify Him in their fruition. When we are mentally stimulated to create, let’s do it with purpose and discernment.

I think inspiration should be the air we breathe, guided by God, and, at times, random.

By this point, I managed to use inspire, inspired, inspiration, and inspirational 17 times. Bye folks!

~A hacker

P. S. if anyone can direct deposit $$$ into my offshore bank account… comment below 🙂

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