Stories As Bridges

I was standing behind our display of beautiful leather briefcases propping up shiny, thick books. And after a day and a half of helping run the Generation Rising booth, I was running out of words and ways to explain my new novel.

“You wrote this?”

A nod.

“What is it about?”

Sometimes I just recycled the back cover blurb into an explanation. Other times, I focused on the only element of the story I could think of at the moment and did my best to explain it.

But when a family came and browsed through the books, and a mother asked me about my new novel Kiera, I decided to share the heart behind it.

I told her about the C.S. Lewis quote that inspired it all and how this concept played out in one of the main character’s relationships. But then I went on to share with her how this plotline exactly mirrored Kiera’s struggle with God.

The quote goes something like, “Love is not affectionate feeling but a steady wish for the ultimate good of the loved person as far as it can be obtained.”

As I told her that my main character goes through a time of great sorrow and has to struggle with God’s love for her and whether or not His plans for her are truly the best, I saw the tears rise in her eyes and felt them echo in my own.

That woman didn’t buy a book from me that day, and she most likely never will. But I got to share with her the heart behind what I’ve written. And I witnessed firsthand the power of stories to build bridges between people.


What is one story you’ve shared with someone, and you’ve both connected over?

21 thoughts on “Stories As Bridges

  1. Oh Kate this is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

    My book is about a foster girl from an abusive home and though I haven’t been able to really explain the story to many people, I do think that it will open doors to talk to people about things that otherwise wouldn’t be talked about. Fostering is a passion I believe that God put in my heart and will lead me to in my future, so learning about it and sharing with others is something I really appreciate.

    Also, yeah, telling people what it’s about is really hard without burying them in like a million facts. XD

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  2. Beautiful, Kate!!! So so so true. I think one book that really helped me connect deeper with my siblings (besides the Bible ❀ ) is 'Sir Quinlan and the Swords of Valor' by Chuck Black…the reason being that we all read it and were deeply inspired by the struggle that Quinlan goes through as discovering and living/claiming who he is in the Prince (Christ), which is something I've often struggled with.

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