Allyson Kennedy Interview

I love discovering new authors, don’t you? Especially independent authors. 😀 I seriously can’t wait to read this author’s debut novel, but for now, let’s get to know her!

Carolina Girl Relaunch Blog Tour

Join me in welcoming author Allyson Kennedy to Once Upon an Ordinary! *hands you lemonade*

*Accepts lemonade* Thank you, ma’am! It’s great to be here!

Author PicAllyson, tell us a bit about yourself.

Well, I’m twenty-something author from eastern North Carolina. I started writing at age seven and finished writing the first draft of my debut novel, Can’t Beat the Heart of a Carolina Girlat age sixteen. When I’m not writing, I love reading books by fellow indie Christian authors, watching movies, and enjoying the quietness of country life.

What first made you decide you wanted to be an author?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a published author, but never really thought it would become a reality. Growing up, I thought that traditional publishing was the only way I’d ever be able to hold a printed copy of my own book, and I knew the odds were slim of that ever happening. After my Grandma passed away in 2006, I learned that she loved to write when she was younger as well and had written a romance novel of her own. Grandma never published her novel, so learning this about her made me want to chase this crazy dream even more.

Congratulations on relaunching your book! May we have an introduction to Can’t Beat the Heart of a Carolina Girl?

Thank you!

Does the quality of a yearbook picture have the power to predict how a school year will turn out? Riley Houston seems to think so, as her photos from middle school depicted the life of a loner, the school’s residential ugly duckling. After summer vacation is spent rebuilding her self-confidence, Riley finds herself on the radar of her long-time crush, Brett Harvey. For the first time, Riley believes she’s on the verge of a breakthrough… that is, until she has to recite an original poem in class.

Will she enter high school as a swan, or will the newfound attention make Riley question everything she’s ever wanted? Is seeking to be known worth straying away from who God made her to be?

Book Cover Front

What is your favorite aspect of the ordinary life God has blessed you with?

Quiet time spent either talking to God or writing has always been one of my favorite aspects of life. Being an introvert, I crave alone time, so being able to sit down and work toward my goals while simultaneously seeking to please God through my passion of writing means the world to me.

I also enjoy spending time with the people God has placed in my life: my parents, sister, boyfriend, cousins, etc. I love spending time with the people closest to me and being comfortable enough with them to the point where we end up laughing until we cry on a regular basis. I know it’s a cliché saying, but the older I get, it really is the little things in life that begin to matter the most.

Any plans for further projects?

Yes! I’m planning to release my next novel, Speak Your Mind, on November 24th (Lord willing!). The novel is about a seventh grade girl named Victoria who navigates the horrors of middle school alone inside her head, until her new neighbor shows her that having faith in God can help her overcome her social anxiety.

As for WIPs, I have two that are still in the brainstorming stage, and one that I’m currently focusing on, The CrushThe Crush is a young adult romance novel that chronicles a high school girl’s feelings while dealing with her first major crush. I’ve been writing and rewriting The Crush since 2011, and it’s been a handful to work on; however, since Speak Your Mind is now in the editing stage and The Crush’s plot has been revamped, it’s slowly but surely coming together. I don’t have a publication goal set for it yet, but hopefully it will be completed within the next year or so!

Thank you so much for coming! 

Thank you so much for having me on your blog! Have a blessed day!


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