When the Stories Won’t Stay Away

Last Tuesday, after a very long and harrowing stint of HEAVY EDITING (*hyperventilates into imaginary bag*), I sent my manuscript to my editor. She’s making amazing progress, and I’m so glad I chose to work with her. ❤

Right now, though, I’m in this funny in-between stage. I don’t technically have a story to work on, but until this book is published, I don’t have the time or brain space to start another project.

I’ve purposed to rest, communicate with my launch team, and spend my time enjoying my family and stories written by others. 😀 For a few days, that was easy…

…and then the stories came.

(Just read that in a scary voice. You gotta admit, it sounds very ominous.)

I have this idea for a “Kiera” prequel about Brennan and Jade’s backstory. Sounds fun, right? I’ve been collecting pictures for it on a secret Pinterest board for a while, but this week it’s been “plaguing” me more than usual. 😀 The first scene (and several others following) are very clear in my mind. Well, almost all the scenes actually except those hateful middle ones that are impossible to write until you actually write them. XD I’m already trying to name side characters and have to pull myself back.

Since “Kiera” is releasing in late June, I thought ahead and attempted to decide what to work on in July. Which brought my brain to the draft of The Twin Arrows‘ sequel waiting patiently for its rewrite… I cannot wait to dive back into that world!! The main character of this book is probably my favorite character I’ve ever written, so of course my mind Most. Definitely. And. Entirely. had to run away with ideas for the third book. Why?!! Focus, Kate, focus.

But it gets even worse. A friend of mine from church likes to trade short stories with me, and I’ve recently run out of new ones to give her. I dredged up a story I started last spring and printed out the first part. My siblings all read it on the way to church and actually liked it. I caught a few snatches of it too and realized–hey, it’s not half bad! Now I really want to finish it. XD

What to do, what to do…

Fortunately, I have my busy life, some super special projects (I just went to the craft store ❤ ), and library books to help keep me busy. Also, I have index cards galore and my WriteMind planner to help me capture these ideas. I’ll be okay until it’s time to switch projects again. 😉

9 thoughts on “When the Stories Won’t Stay Away

  1. I so relate.
    Hmm… do we get to vote on which one you work on next? I think you know what my vote is… And it wasn’t even mentioned.. 😉😍 But wow I can’t wait for this Twin Arrows sequel!!

    (Add to your list of things to keep busy with– spectacularly long Monopoly games. 😮 lol)

    Looking forward to more of that short story!! Hint hint 😉

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  2. Your brain works a bit differently than mine does. 😉 (Who knew, right?) If I have a story that is in the final stages I have a hard time working on anything else until it’s published! But, if other ideas do start coming, especially if scenes are already forming, characters start having conversations, and I know the story is going to go on without me (like a movie that doesn’t have a pause button), I just start writing.
    I really admire your ability to wait. 🙂 And who are you using for your editor?

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    1. Oh, that actually sounds like a nice “problem” to have. Want to trade? 😀

      That’s great! I may have to just start writing soon… I had another idea this morning!

      Aw, thank you. 😉 I’m working with Kelsey Bryant. She has been quite thorough and encouraging!

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