Short Story Review: Pioneer Horizon

37768930“A group of scientists and the Marines assigned to guard them are on the surface of planet Novus-147 assessing it for potential human colonization. When a deadly storm rolls in with no warning, they lose contact with the USS Calypso in orbit overhead. 

Will they survive? Will they be able to reestablish contact?” (from Goodreads)

Hooray for more Mydlands! Even though the stories about the Wyatt family (review coming soon!) are my very favorite, I enjoyed this glimpse into the rest of space. This story is written a little more technically, but since it’s first person perspective of an exploring scientist that actually worked perfectly. 😉 Adam was my favorite side character, but it was neat to see how the whole team interacted. I got happy shivers from that ending though. ❤

Best quote: “You know how people talk about sleeping with one eye open?” He shrugged and then headed for the rocks. “I’ll go first.”

Altogether, I enjoyed this story of pioneers in space. 😉


8 thoughts on “Short Story Review: Pioneer Horizon

  1. I really liked this short story!!! Especially Adam… 😉 ❤ I did feel like the ending was kind of abrupt but that's probably because I would gladly read a whole novel set in Mydlands!

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  2. Oh yes! That cover is delightful! And sounds like a fun read, too. 🙂

    By the way, I tagged you today. 🙂

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