Caring for My Creativity

I do some of the same things every day. Some because they are necessary to life (i.e. toothbrushing, eating, and answering emails) and others because I simply could never give them up (i.e. Bible reading, fiction gobbling, and story scribing).

While I dearly love stability and routine, sometimes my creative life falls into a rut. And inspiration goes waaaaaay down… down… down.

So, what am I doing to care for my creative brain this week?

  1. Shaking things up! I like to change my writing spot or medium. Lately, I’ve been writing in the corner between the couch and the wall or outside sitting on our swingset. If I’ve been using the computer for several projects (or a lot of homework), I like to switch to a notebook. Sometimes I pull out a piece of paper and half scribble/half doodle my thoughts to get those creative juices flowing! (Like I just did for this blog post.)
  2. Trying a new hobby (or rather, an old one I’ve forgotten). My main creative hobbies are almost all the same, but I’ve discovered that it’s always good for me to exercise my brain in other creative areas. That could mean writing poetry or making a baby quilt, drawing or knitting an afghan the size of the UK. When I realized this week that my brain was falling into a rut, I decided I needed a project. Today I bought some gorgeous scrapbooking paper at the craft store. I’m already scheming what to do with it. 😀
  3. Making some things back into play. Something my mom told me in a conversation this week made me realize that I’ve accidentally turned some of my favorite activities into work. I was complaining that I was behind on writing book reviews, but I realized that none of those books were ones I had committed to reviewing. I read them purely for pleasure but was holding myself to a standard of writing long, thoughtful reviews within a certain time frame. Basically, work. I found that the activities I would usually do to recharge had become work, leaving me with no refreshment. 😉 So I’m working on drawing lines for myself of what is work and what stays play. 😀

What do you do to spark inspiration and keep things fresh? Does answering emails really make the world go around?

2 thoughts on “Caring for My Creativity

  1. Great post, Kate! It can be easy to get in a rut about things. And turning fun thing into a chore . . . Yep, been there, not fun. Give yourself a permission slip. One that says you don’t have to – write a long, detailed review, send a newsletter out this month, write your story, . . . One thing I like to do is go play the piano. Or maybe, when it’s nice outside, I’ll go out and swing. Other times I’ll color instead of writing. 😛

    And no, emails don’t make the world go around, though they can be helpful in aiding other things along. 😉

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