Merry Christmas! (and Giveaway Winner)

Hello again! I’m just dropping by to tell you who won a free signed copy of The Twin Arrows. 😉

The amazing winner chosen by Rafflecopter’s amazing randomness is…

Kellyn Roth!

Congratulations, girl!! I’ll be emailing you soon. 😉

Today promises to be a busy day for me. We have some Christmas shopping to do, *maybe* a library trip ( ❤ ), and I’m soooo close to finished with my baby quilt. It’s getting really cute! 😀

I’ve had so many joys this Christmas season, and there are many more to come when we get our tree, exchange presents, and celebrate Christ with our family (and church family). This whole season is a beautiful reminder of how much God loves us that He would come to earth and be Immanuel, God with us.

Merry Christmas! ❤



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