Book Review: The Father Christmas Confessions

160626191“What if Santa Claus isn’t one man? What if he is a secret organization? 

Jeremy Ogden has 25 days to accomplish his mission. Just like every man in his family, he has a list of people whose lives can be changed forever if he makes it to them in time. But he has one big problem…And her name is Virginia. 

Virginia Kipyard is the last girl in the world Jeremy wants to hold his family’s ancient secret, until it becomes apparent that she might be the key to handling the hardest assignment he has ever faced. He just has to keep her out of trouble in the meantime. But that is easier said than done, even for a Father Christmas.” (from Goodreads)

The first time I read this book (last month, to be exact), I rated it five stars but now I’m reconsidering that. It’s probably a lot closer to six stars. (Maybe it’s because this time around I caught more references. Or maybe it’s because my sister and I giggled so much over the banter. We even started casting actors… 😉 ) I loved the characterization in this book. Because it was a comedy, both main characters were GREAT at banter, but it was really fun to see them move beyond that into deep, realistic characters. I started out thinking of the characters by the stereotypes they had applied to each other, so it was fun to see those proved wrong. Jeremy surprised me most. So full of heart. ❤ (I loved it when he got his “sudden assignment”.) I found Virginia hilarious most of the time, but it was cool to see how her personality helped with the assignments. My two favorite parts were Virginia’s clothes shopping commentary and whenever Jeremy would share his “miracle season” message. So special. 😉 (Also, that snowball fight. *heart eyes*)

Recommended for older readers because of some of the dark situations people Jeremy was assigned to help (drunkard, adulterer, kidnapped, and suicidal) were in, although all of them were handled well. Also, there was one instance of a British swear word and a couple times when God’s name was used, likely in a quick prayer but sometimes it felt like an exclamation.

Best quotes: “How do you talk to a girl who thinks Sherlock Holmes is a housing development?” Jeremy returned.

Jeremy smiled. “Let’s just say I’m your own personal Santa Claus for this year.” Mack laughed. “Yeah. I’d say so.” He bit his lip. “Does Santa Claus know God? I mean…Josh will probably ask—” “Yes, Santa Claus knows God. He knows Him well.”

Jeremy laughed. “Virginia, an Ogden could fall off a building and his suit will still be in perfect condition afterwards. I can assure you, mine is just fine.”

Altogether, it’s rare to find me reading a book about Santa Claus, but I found this one hilarious and surprisingly meaningful. I also really want to visit Angle Township now. So cute. ❤


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