Lydia Howe Interview

Lydia Howe Interview

Join me in welcoming author Lydia Howe to Once Upon an Ordinary! 

Aww, thanks so much for interviewing me, Kate! This is quite the honor. 🙂 I’m thrilled to be on Once Upon an Ordinary because it’s a blog I really enjoyed reading. 

Lydia, tell us a bit about yourself. 

Lydia's Author PictureI’m a writer, which is probably pretty obvious since this is an author interview. 😉 I also greatly enjoy traveling (I’ve had fun trekking all over the world), cooking (I work at a coffee shop that also serves salads, wraps, paninis, etc…), cutting grass (my mower’s name is Chadwin), reading, and living out in the country. One of my dreams is to someday own a pet skunk named Charlie Kate. I’d be delighted to connect with y’all, and can do so via social media. Links here: BlogYoutubeFacebook,TwitterGoodreadsInstagram, and Google+

What first made you decide you wanted to be an author? 

Having books read to me at a young age made a huge impact on me. I thought of authors the same way most people probably think of celebrities and royalty. So, to realize I could have that kind of impact on other kids blew me away as a young’n. 😉 

Congratulations on publishing Where Dandelions Grow! May we have an introduction?

Where Dandelions Grow v1.21Aww, thanks! 

Destiny Sparks grew up with her cousins as her best friends – until one fateful day when her mother uproots her out of the blue and moved her family across the country. Now, a decade later Destiny travels back to her hometown, desperate for answers as to why her mother is so bitter and why she destroyed the friendships Destiny held closest. 

The story is told from Destiny’s point of view, and we get to follow her as she makes a new life in Swallow Ridge, working in a bookstore/coffee shop and pursuing her dream as a writer. 

Do you have a quote or story passage that makes you smile?

There’s a part that always amuses me, and that’s when there’s a slight misunderstanding. (Setting: The four cousins are talking together for the first time in ten years.) 

“Our moms thought they were going to inherit it, too,” Kamryn grimaced. “I can’t believe our own grandma made them all believe that. Oh well, that’s a thing of the past. We can’t speak ill of the dead.”

Lexie, Teal and I exchanged a look.

“What?” Kamryn put her hands on her hips. “This isn’t fair you three are already keeping secrets just cause you found each other first.”

“We weren’t keeping secrets,” Lexie huffed at Kamryn.

“It’s just . . . Grandma isn’t dead.”

“Oh. That’s a bit of a shock. I always thought she had died years ago.” Kamryn gave a wave, as if dismissing the thought.

* * * 

(Setting: About a chapter later when Kamryn is visiting her grandma for the first time.) 

“It’s good seeing you again, too, dear.” Grandma returned her hug, then gave me one. Kamryn was right behind me, and when Grandma saw her, she just stood there for a moment, gazing up at Kamryn’s face.

“Grandma.” Kamryn leaned over and gave her a gentle hug, and then stepped back and glanced swiftly over her. “You’re looking a lot better than I would have imagined. You must work out a lot.” 

She looks better than Kamryn had imagined? No kidding, Kamryn thought Grandma had died.

What is your favorite aspect of the ordinary life God has blessed you with?

One of my favorite things in life is to make ordinary things feel like an adventure. It’s amazing how much of a difference mindset makes. It makes me so happy to just stop and soak in everyday moments and realize that although they’re currently ordinary, eventually I’ll look back on them as a thing of the past and I’ll treasure the memories. 

Any plans for further projects?

With the same characters? I’m not sure yet…. As for writing in general? Yep! I’m currently editing a couple of different projects – one is a contemporary YA novel called When Life Hands You Lymes and the other is a realistic fantasy YA novel called Echoes. Plus, I’ve got a fun idea in the brainstorming phase that includes a mystery and digging for fossils. 

Thank you so much for coming!

Thank you for having me! 


(Don’t forget to check out her blog Noveltea for more book release fun, including a giveaway! 😀 )

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