Book Review: Crossroads

41kvdgpgacl-_sx322_bo1204203200_“Lethal persecution. Haunting decisions. Death just a whisper away.

Jack grew up concealing his faith, but now the persecution of Christians has turned lethal. After inadvertently putting his family in danger, Jack becomes aware of a covert agency dedicated to protecting Christians. The agency takes his mother and sister to safety and offers him a position as an emergency medic within their ranks.

Caring for the injured allows Jack to help their cause without violating his pacifistic beliefs, but he stands at odds with tough resistance fighter Britain. Grueling firefights, severe losses, and desperate choices test their beliefs as each of them seeks to save lives no matter the cost. But what is that cost?” (from Goodreads)

This book was like one of those good war movies that make you feel and think through several facets of the same issue. In fact, this book was so action packed and thought provoking I felt exhausted by the end of it, but it was absolutely worth it. The spiritual theme never got “preachy” as the two main characters moved closer to the truth in a very real way. It floored me later when I realized how much their final decisions had been foreshadowed! (SPOILER ALERT! Thank you, Pastor Whatever-Your-Name-Is.)

Jack was my favorite character. He had an attitude of trying again even when he failed, seeking wise counsel, and always trying to do the right thing. I loved nearly all of the side character, but Ashlynn, Amy, and Chris stood out to the most. I found Ashlynn to be the right ratio of spunk to femininity. (I have the perfect comparison to another fictional character in mind, but spoilers, sweetie.) And AMY!! She was nearly-nonsensically hilarious, but not without her big moment of extreme usefulness. I especially enjoyed her subtle Doctor Who reference. 😀 I very much enjoyed Chris’s humorous, nonchalant character. He was such a weird “guardian angel” getting Jack into trouble and back out of it. Definitely a character I want to see more humor from and redemption of if there are more books.

Even though this story is set in the future, the technology wasn’t confusing but instead the special weaponry and computer stuff just added to the cool factor. 😀 (SPOILER ALERT! Do you want to ride in a former self-driving service car with a gunpowder shipment?) And the HUMOR! All the characters were exceedingly funny, especially that one time Jack had a thought. 😛 I ended the book in tears at the heartbreaking beauty. Sequel needed. Now.

Recommended for readers 16+ because of hard themes, intense action, and brief medical details.

Best quotes: “You drive!” Britain yelled and rolled in between the front seats. The truck careened toward the left lane. Jack seized the steering wheel and yanked it back. “I don’t know how to drive!” “The first step,” Britain said as he pulled a machine gun from under the back seats, “is to get in the driver’s seat.”

“What good would I do here?” He looked at her.
“You have values not everybody does. I guess I see a lot of potential if you’re willing to grow and change in the right way.”

Altogether, how can I ever read again? 😉

SPOILER ALERT! Laurion gives me the creeps.

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