First Day

Never let two authors loose in the back-to-school supplies section. It’s dangerous. Seriously, my sister Perry Elisabeth and I claim we nearly bought everything. 😀 We were really there to pick up a few things for my siblings and my college classes (which started today *scared face*), but of course we had to ooh and … More First Day

A Very Good Excuse

Hello! I didn’t die, and I just wanted to hop on here and let y’all know I’m taking a blogging break today. 😉 I’ve been sewing nearly all day, and I’m hoping to get to write a bit tonight. (Because I only wrote 900 words last week, and my story is begging me to give it some … More A Very Good Excuse

Plate Update: Packages, British Accents, and My WIP

A little over a year ago, I wrote a blog post called “What’s On My Plate?” Basically it contained a picture of me with a dinner plate piled high with all the books, projects, and notebooks begging for my attention. I’m was grinning kind of wryly and preparing to “dig in” with a huge knife and … More Plate Update: Packages, British Accents, and My WIP