Book Review: Martin and Marco

25798689“The Lord of the Rings meets Calvin and Hobbes in The Dragon Lord Saga, a new five-part graphic novel series from Jonny Jimison!

Martin the soldier wants an adventure. Marco the stableboy wants to stay at home. Adventure takes them both by surprise as they encounter all the dragons, curses, thieves, and monsters the outside world can throw at them.” (from Goodreads)

Filled with danger, the occasional dragon, and a lot of humor, this was a fun read. My younger sister and I were in stitches over some of the lines, especially the exchanges between the brothers. My favorite character was Marco (darling eleven-year-old). He was so cute reading in the stable, “not hiding” under the bed, and discovering he had a slightly rotten talking horse. 😉 (That horse wins it for the humor, although the owl satchel is so goofy looking!) And it’s pretty sweet earlier in the story when Martin promises to protect him. *sniffs* Just a note there are some scary creatures, magical elements, and a few instances of humor parents may not want younger kids emulating.

I won’t be picking a best quote because the whole book is so quotable. My sister and I can’t stop referencing it. 😀

Altogether, I very much enjoyed this graphic novel and can’t wait to read the sequel.

And remember, don’t open the satchel.


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