2 Writing Tips

3-2-1 WRITE! party

The countdown continues!

I’ve been “writing” since age seven, but these last three years of interacting with other authors and discovering helpful books and blogs from have really grown my writing skills. There is a ton of good advice out there, but today I’m picking my two favorite tips.

Here goes…

1. Everything has already been written but not by you. Or at least that’s the gist of what my friend Amanda Tero said when I was moaning to her about how cliche my book plot sounded. And it’s true! Our styles, word choices, and ideas will never be exactly the same as everyone else’s. (How many retellings of Cinderella are there again?!) πŸ˜€ And as Christians, our worldview should add a unique twist to every story that the world will never write.

2. Write every day. Everyone says this everywhere; but it sounds kind of impossible, doesn’t it? Life activities, school, and writer’s block get in the way. But writing every day doesn’t have to mean chewing away at the ancient, cringe-worthy manuscript you’ve grown to hate the sight of. Blogging, writing short stories, emailing (or letter writing ❀ ), and book journaling definitely count. They all contribute to sharpening your grammar and observation skills of new and familiar things!

Those are some of my favorite writing tips! I could go all day actually. πŸ˜€ I hope these help you as much as they’ve helped me. πŸ˜‰

Have you picked up the inspiration book? Click on the cover to download it. πŸ˜‰

Writing Inspiration book cover

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What writing advice has encouraged you?

9 thoughts on “2 Writing Tips

  1. There is no new thing under the sun. But God gave us minds to be creative and put new twists and things and combine different plots. No one else can write just like you.
    Love the advice!

    Liked by 1 person

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