Book Review: Danger Goes Berserk

13547510“It’s a routine case…
     …or at least as routine as a cases get when you’re a twelve-year-old private detective who’s been sleuthing for just a few months: Steve Brixton must don a neon wetsuit and work undercover to retrieve a stolen surfboard.
     But when the assignment goes all wrong, Steve finds himself caught inside mysteries involving wild surfers, pirate smugglers, thick-necked goons, and a sixth-grader who can’t find his gym shorts.” (from Goodreads)

This is the fourth (and currently final book) in the Brixton Brothers series by Mac Barnett, one I’ve been enjoying immensely for the last few months. I was excited to read this one, especially since I heard it was connected to a case in the previous book. First off, Steve’s dogho–er, office was hilarious. Talk about cramped quarters! The mystery was actually quite complicated, and it was neat to see that fascinating loose thread from the previous book picked up. I enjoyed having Dana on his own side case. Some of his ideas were pretty clever even if Steve solved the case in the end. 😀 Steve trying to blend in with surfers was really funny–especially when he accidentally broke out of character and called Dana “chum”. 😛 Even though I suspected who the villains were all along, I could have never imagined such a motive! That was a surprise. XD The content/danger levels were about the same as the other books, although this one was a bit more bizarre than usual. Also, there was a mention of dating teenagers holding hands.

I already sent the book back to the library, so I don’t have a “best quote” this time. Pretty much any time Steve talks in surfer lingo is pretty funny.

Altogether, I enjoyed this installment, and I hope the author writes more! 😀

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