I was thinking about the book of Ruth today. It’s one of my favorites in the Bible. Maybe because it has a female main character and gives a nice break from the violence and hopelessness of Judges. More probably because it is partly a love story…

Boaz never apologizes first. Ruth doesn’t have a cute car (more like a donkey). In fact none of the typical cliches portrayed in romantic stories are there.

Instead we see Ruth having faith in God and love for her family (what’s left of it). We see her doing ordinary and humiliating tasks of faithfulness. Boaz respects her for her faith and care for her mother-in-law. He protects her and provides for her in tangible, physical ways. And then he does the fantastic kinsmen redeemer thing.

The book of Ruth is not only a sweet account and a prequel to King David, but more than that it’s also a direct mirror of God’s grace and love. Boaz is a picture of our Redeemer who paid the price for us. The master Storyteller manages to show us Himself even in a small historical event.


8 thoughts on “Redeemer

  1. I agree! The story of Ruth and Boaz is so sweet and special. Why don’t authors write romance stories like that? No tingling sensations, no kissing, no heart poundings, no . . . (okay, I’ll stop ranting.) Lovely post, Kate. 🙂

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