Life in Pencil

I have this cute calendar that helps me keep my brain on straight. I tried the digital thing, and no sirree! I need paper. I use it to track everything I need to do (blog posts, dentist appointments, and other lovely, important things) as well as what I have accomplished because I need to be reminded that I CAN keep commitments.

Every single last thing on my calendar is written in pencil. This month quite a few entries have been written and erased, written and erased again. Personally set deadlines have been fluid. A review project was cancelled. My blog post ideas have been all stirred around.

It’s not the prettiest calendar page you’ll ever see. It tells a smudged story of changed goals, different priorities, and a desire to plan but still be flexible.

It also tells the story of many unexpected blessings added! Like the time we had our nephews over for three days. Or when I picked up Sarah Holman’s upcoming release Emmeline for review at the last minute and discovered a jewel. (More on that later!)

When plans change it’s often for an amazing reason I never would have suspected. So I keep that eraser handy! 😉


(Sorry, I don’t think this month’s color likes to be photogenic. I will have words with it.)

7 thoughts on “Life in Pencil

  1. Fun reminder to stay flexible and give God the pen! 😉 Gleeps… You don’t want to see my calendar since it’s such a weird photo paper type thing that I HAVE to write it in pen. Lots o’ scribbling let’s just say… Lol

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  2. Yes, life changes. Sometimes a lot, sometimes only a little. I was writing on my calendar last year, but haven’t seemed to make the time to do much this year except for blog posts. And those I’ve had to write on sticky notes so I can change them as often as I need to without wearing a hole in the paper. 🙂 And my calendar is just plain, boring pages printed from the calendar on my computer.

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    1. It’s so handy for blog posts, isn’t it? Ooo! I love the post-it note idea. 😉

      That’s fun! When I started using a calendar last October, I printed off pages but I decorated them to go with the seasons so they weren’t too boring. 😉


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