Book Review: Hartly Manor

33806891“There were six of them…

And these six children have an important lesson to learn when it comes to Mr. Hartly and his manor. Is he the scary man that Rees says he is? Or will the children discover something else as they get to know him?” (from Goodreads)

Such a sweet, Gospel-centered story by Amanda Tero! The way “the six” related to each other was very cute, and I love how Maud is so motherly to them all. 😉 The dialogue was quite fun especially when they were looking at the manor. Recommended for all ages.

Best quote: SPOILER ALERT! It didn’t seem quite right to be only five instead of six, but there wasn’t another seven-year old to take Stella’s place.

Altogether, this book was very sweet and would make a great read-aloud. 😉

I received a free copy of this short story in exchange for my honest review.


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