Plate Update: Mansions, Grammar Rules, and Hashtags

I blinked and January is over! Moral of the story–never blink. 😉

Here’s a quick update on what I did last month. As far as full plates go, this one was an all you can eat buffet. 😉

Beta-read and read for review:

Hartly Manor (five stars)

Diamond (five stars)

Shadows of the Hersweald (I cannot wait for this to come out!!!)

Pleasure read:

The Ghostwriter Secret (five stars)

Journey to Love (four stars)

Letter of Love (four stars)

Stay in the Castle (five stars)

Neverseen (two stars)

The City of Ember (five stars)

Lodestar (five stars)

I’ve also been meandering through my Sherlock Holmes collection and reading Winnie-the-Pooh aloud to my youngest sister. 😉


Emails and a few Facebook messages

Blog and Facebook comments


How to suggest friends on Facebook

Facebook hashtags for authors

Spelling of arkenstone 😛

Starting a sentence with a conjunction

Comma before ending participle

As well as copious amounts of grammar rules and “research” on one of my favorite TV shows. 😉


Emails and Facebook messages 😛

Approximately 6k words on “Kiera”!!! 😀

Blog posts (the top five being Ivy Rose Interview, Goals for 2017, The Notebook Trick, Happy Year’s End!, and Let’s Talk About Dialogue)


My short story “Enjoy the Poodle Skirt”

My Books page

There were also three family birthdays, a wedding we got to help with a little, and a conference our church was helping to host. 😉 It’s been busy, to say the least! This coming month I’m looking forward to tackling my read for review books, continuing to whittle away at my library stack, and getting that short story published! And of course, “Kiera”. (Who knows, maybe I’ll even finish the first draft!) 😉 We’ll see what surprises are added to my list as well. 😉

How was your January? What are you looking forward to?


11 thoughts on “Plate Update: Mansions, Grammar Rules, and Hashtags

    1. Anyway (accidentally published that comment before I meant to) – the City of Ember! One of my all-time favorites. ^_^ Which favorite TV show were you researching? 🙂

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