Adventures in Storyland

GoogleDocs informs me it’s been a week since I last worked on “Kiera”. I didn’t realize it had been that long maybe because I took a break to edit my short story “Enjoy the Poodle Skirt” for publication. (The date has been pushed back a bit, but you can still mark it as to-read on Goodreads! And check out the pretty cover by Victoria Lynn Designs while you’re at it… :D)

Or maybe it’s that I helped my brother with the final push to publish his brilliant, witty detective short story “Diamond” last week. It’s seriously cool! And you just might laugh out loud. 😉

But it’s most likely that the story is forever in the back of my mind, and I replay each scene before I write it as nervously as an introvert planning to introduce themselves. (Not that I would know anything about that… *hides INFJ identification card*)

I’ve left Kiera babysitting her nieces and nephews (making five children if you include Jade!). It’s pretty chaotic to start with, but I have some fun activities planned for them and a lot of little kid inspiration from my own relations. 😉

Kiera took him from Audrey and put him on the hip opposite Jade. The day was beginning to look very long. Hopefully breakfast would fix a few problems.

“All right, everyone. To your chairs!” she commanded cheerfully.

There was a mad scramble. She graduated Jade to a big girl chair and put Baron in the highchair. He quickly dried his tears when she set out the homemade granola bars, applesauce, and turkey slices Rachel had packed.

“Daddy usually prays at breakfast,” Sophia announced in her little voice.

“Robbie, would you be willing to pray for us?” Kiera asked.

He nodded solemnly, and she bit back a smile as he directed everyone to hold hands while he prayed. “Dear Jesus, thank you for this food. Please help Daddy and Mommy to have a good time together, and help Aunt Kiera not to be worried. Amen.”

Kiera opened her eyes and blinked back the tears. How had he known?

Audrey taught Jade to remove the chocolate chips from her granola bar and set them aside “for dessert” while Robbie bit a smiley face into his turkey and showed it to everyone who would admire it.

“That’s a very nice face,” Kiera said, the third time he showed it to her. She reached to give Baron more applesauce.

Sophia bit off a bite of granola bar and asked, “So are you the Mommy?”

“Yes, I’m Jade’s mommy.” She smiled and passed Robbie another piece of turkey.

“Our mommy says that we are staying at your house like when we went camping,” Audrey added, tossing a few of her dessert chocolate chips into her mouth.

Jade copied her.

“Can we have a tent?” Robbie asked.

“Right after breakfast,” Aunt Kiera promised.

Robbie shoved the rest of his turkey into his mouth, and the others rushed to finish their food as well. Audrey was so eager to clear the table that she got an angry swat from Baron who didn’t think five servings of applesauce was enough. Kiera quickly mediated, and soon the girls were findings socks and shoes while she and Robbie did the “heavy work” of carrying chairs out into the backyard.

One more scene and then the climax! I’m beginning to think at this point that I’m just stalling, but I’ll try to be good in February. 😛 *eyes stack of library books*

What do y’all think of the story so far? How have your “Adventures in Storyland” been?


6 thoughts on “Adventures in Storyland

  1. I keep seeing “Diamond” on Goodreads and thinking I should read it. I just haven’t done anything. I was too busy when he first asked for reviews, but if he still wants another one, I’d be happy to read and review. 🙂 Life is still busy, but not as crazy. . . . I think.
    You can write the climax! I know you can. Just be brave and DO IT! 😀 (Just a little encouragement there. 😉 )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I told him, and I think he’s going to contact you. 😉 He’s always game for reviews!

      THANK YOU SO MUCH for the encouragement! It’s my next scene to write, so if the naptime quiet (I’m babysitting today) holds, I might get to write some. 😉


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