Book Review: Journey to Love & Letter of Love

29503309“Now orphaned, Marie is swept miles away from the only life she knew to be sheltered by unknown guardians. Caught in the challenges of a new life, she cannot prevent changes from happening, but she can keep the Bowles and their friends at arm’s length. Or can she?

While things appear to transition smoothly on the outside, Marie struggles against the turmoil she faces on the inside. She sees something in the Bowles and her new friends that she had never experienced before…but should she trust what the preacher is teaching when it goes against everything she had accepted as truth? Is God really a God of love? If He is, then is Marie willing to accept it?

Follow Marie as she begins the journey to love.” (from Goodreads)

This was such a sweet book by Amanda Tero and a great reminder of God’s love for us! Although it was very slow in some parts, I found the natural sharing of the Gospel through everyday conversations (and a few church services) very encouraging. 1 John is seriously one of my favorite books, so I was happy to see it featured so much. Marie was a nicely complicated character, although it was hard to pinpoint her age. I kept changing my mind on that one. 😉 It was so sweet when the Bowles were worried about SPOILER ALERT! her running away and she knows then that she is staying forever. I wasn’t sure I would like them at first, but they turned out to be gold. My favorite part about the book was probably when MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! Marie does turn to the Lord but is suddenly challenged by her attitude towards Edward. That was so real and a very important issue to deal with. Although, the Thorntons were really awesome… especially Mary with her childlike yet very strong faith. 😉 Recommended for all ages!

Best quote: SPOILER ALERT! “I don’t suppose love always comes natural-like,” Mr. Bowles slowly began, “or the Good Book wouldn’t tell us to love. But, my Marie, ya can’t try to love on your own. If God is love, God’s gotta show ya how to love. Maybe we should start with askin’ Him to give ya His love for Edward.”

Altogether, it found it to be a very good book and immediately handed it to my younger sisters who devoured it quickly. 😉 Oh, and did I mention I love the train on the chapter numbers?!

I also very much enjoyed the short story sequel…

31115645“Edward Dixon is convinced that life is cruel, and he is not willing for anything to change his mind from that. A letter from his sister, Marie, reveals that she views life otherwise.

Will her letter, filled with love and forgiveness, make a difference in Edward’s life? Or will he stubbornly refuse to change before it’s too late?” (from Goodreads)

Although it was very short, this was a great, bittersweet follow-up to Journey to Love. I really loved the Gospel presentation, and I pray everyone in that situation would get a doctor like Doctor Adams. 😉

Best quote: The clay sealing Papa’s casket had sealed Edward’s boyhood.

Altogether, this was very encouraging. 😉


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