The Notebook Trick

This past week has been so busy with life happenings and some beta-reading for others; but I’ve still managed to get some writing done! I’ve accomplished this by using the old Notebook Trick.

Basically when my brain is getting computer fried from all of the projects and communication that must happen on it, I take a break with notebook and pencil. I can still keep working even if it’s slightly slower and give myself a rest. For some reason this also makes me feel so much more creative. Maybe it’s my pretty notebook, the act of actually forming letters with a little piece of graphite, or the fact that scribbling out sentences is good for the soul. (It’s also more socially acceptable to sit in the middle of the room writing this way.) 😛

I’ve returned to my “Kiera” manuscript to help me reach writing goal #3 this year. I’ve just hit the low, low, low point in the story (besides the climax of course); and soon it will be time to make myself and my characters shed some tears. (Except in Brennan’s case–he’s one of those that goes stony silent. Ick.) I’m nervous and excited! For now, here’s a happy excerpt for you all… 😉

The kitchen felt lonely after the call ended, but Kiera chose to hold on to the happy glow of Thorne’s announcement. Stowing away the laundry, she next turned her hand to preparing dinner. Brennan would be home any time now.

“I help?” Jade asked, and Kiera gave her a chair to stand on.

“Here, can you help Mommy break the end off?” she asked, handing her a couple green beans.

“I wants one like yours,” Jade said, patting her on the arm.

“One what, girly?”

“One this.” The toddler pointed to Kiera’s apron.

“Oh!” Kiera giggled. “Hang on while Mommy gets you something.”

The best thing she could find was a dishtowel to tuck into Jade’s collar, but she made a mental note to sew a tiny apron for her daughter’s third birthday.

“See. Break them like this and put the icky parts in here,” Kiera explained the delicate process of preparing green beans.

Jade threw hers into the bowl. “Plop!” she mimicked.

“Plop!” Kiera put hers in the bowl.

“Plop, plop, plop,” Jade turned the silly word into a little song. Then she stopped suddenly. “That Daddy?”

Kiera listened to the tires on the driveway and moved to look out the window. “That’s Daddy. Let’s surprise him.”

She picked up Jade, and they hid around the corner to the front door. “When you see him, say ‘boo’!” Kiera whispered.

Jade stayed impossibly still, sucking her thumb.

Brennan opened the door, and they sprang out from around the corner. “Boo!”

He jumped and they all shared a good laugh. Kiera handed Jade to him.


I’ve also got to beta-read two new short stories that are quite different from each other but entirely awesome! Go check out Hartly Manor by Amanda Tero and “Diamond” by Paul Willis (releasing soon) to see what’s been helping keep me busy. 😉

Now, on to the climax. *sniffs*


6 thoughts on “The Notebook Trick

  1. I used that trick to write diamond because I was already spending too much time on the computer.

    Looking forward to your climax (although I already know what happens). 😛

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  2. Good old notebooks and pens! That’s one reason I love NEO. I can write without staring at a lighted screen. And I can sit at a table, stand at my music stand, curl up in a chair or go sit in a tree house if I wanted.

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