Goals for 2017

Updated January 2018 😀

Just for grins (and to keep myself on track), I wrote up my goals for this year. Consider it more of a “suggested personal to-do list” than a “hard and fast do or die assignment”; since I’m learning to be flexible so I can leave room for spontaneous projects, life happening, and whatever else God decides to throw in. 😉


Blogging goals:

  1. Keep to my schedule of three posts a week with one personal writing/life update on Mondays, a review on Wednesdays, and a more essay-type post on Fridays. That won’t exclude extra posts for those special times like blog parties! 😉 Update: Looking at my stats, I actually did pretty well on this one. 😉
  2. Interview at least one author a month. I love networking with other authors and getting to showcase their work! If you are an author who would like to be interviewed this year, go ahead and contact me. 😉 Update: It only ended up being eight authors total, but I enjoyed them immensely! 😀

Reading goals (ha, ha–like I need them!):

  1. Read at least 70 books. I signed up for the Goodreads reading challenge again, and this time I set a more attainable goal. I love reading (and beta-reading!) and reviewing books, so it’s gonna be so much fun! Update: I beat my goal with 76 books!!!
  2. Read more non-fiction. I’m not so good in the non-fiction area, but this year I plan to knock out some theological books I’ve been wanting to read for a while. Update: *glares at self* I read a total of two. And they were biographies. Very interesting ones with stories in them, so I’m not sure that even counts…
  3. Read through the Gospels and epistles four times this year. We’re doing a reading plan my dad put together, and so far it’s been great. Update: I think it only ended up being three times (#lifehappens) but it was great. 😉

Writing goals:

  1. Publish at least one manuscript. I’m not a super-editor, so this goal is a big one for me since it probably includes sending something to beta-readers. *cues scary music* Update: I published The Twin Arrows in July!!! And two short stories besides. 😀 Also, my beta-readers were the best and not as scary as I thought. 😉
  2. Participate in NaNoWriMo! This is predicated on writing goal #1, since I shouldn’t add anything to my gigantic project list until I finish one. 😛 I’m pretty excited about my portal medieval idea for the big 50k sprint, so I’m really hoping this will work out. I ended up deciding against it last minute, but I have quite a few good notes in place for another time. 😉
  3. Finish the first draft of “Kiera”. I’m currently at the 3/4 mark with more excerpts to share with you soon! 😉 Update: DONE! And I’m 1/3 the way through a second draft. 😉
  4. Write at least six short stories. I love the simplicity and versatility of short stories! (I’ve written a short story series, four Christmas stories, and several others including middle-grader adventures and a fairytale retelling. You can tell I’m a fan.) 😉 It’s always so fun to set aside a big project and spend a little time on a short story to share with you all. 😉 Update: I believe I wrote five. So that’s pretty close. 😉

So there you are! Those are my word related goals for 2017! What do you hope to accomplish in the 349 days left this year?


8 thoughts on “Goals for 2017

  1. Looks like an awesome set of goals! =D I cannot wait for you to publish your next book! =D I’m sure all your beta readers will love it. And I am so for number three of your writing goals. I need to read that story from beginning to end!! 😉 I hope all that goes well!
    One of the biggest things I hope to do is finish writing my NaNo novel and put it through a very heavy round of editing. Also I hope to read more non fiction this year. I really didn’t read much in 2016 and I missed it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, thanks Mikayla! I hope they are as encouraging as you have been. 😉

      Yay! I can’t wait for #3 either! It’s pretty exciting. 😉

      Awesome goals! Heavy editing sounds like quite the adventure, and non-fiction will be awesome. 😉


  2. I just looked at your pinterest board for Awake, and it looks REALLY good! It has lots of babies, which is always a good sign. 😀

    Some of my personal goals are to finish an audio drama project I am working on, look into dual enrollment, beta read more, and get experience in web design by offering to design people a website for free. Like you, those are more “goals” than “must-dos” 😉

    You have some awesome goals! You can do this, girl! ❤ 🙂


  3. Those are great goals, Kate! And I’m glad you saved room for parties on your blog. 😉

    My goals? Get the three novels that I have started finished and hopefully published! *gulp* (Did I just say publish three novels?!) Possibly publish a few short stories, get 100 blog followers, 200 subscribers on my list (I reached 75 today!), go through a few blogging, WordPress and other courses, get ahead on writing blog posts, add to my “Author’s Resource Library” with new cover designers, illustrators and maybe some marketers/promoters. Oh, and read 70 books. And finish a big project for my grandpa. I’m sure there are a few others, but that ought to do me for the time being, don’t ya think? 😛

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