Plate Update: Christmas, Mysteries, and a Scary Climax

Wow! Happy New Year, everyone! I already did my year in review, so this Plate Update might feel a little repetitive; but we can’t leave December out, can we? 😉

Here’s a quick update on what I did last month. As far as full plates go, this one was stacked with yummy Christmas cookies complete with frosting and sprinkles. *happy sigh*

Beta-read and read for review:

A NaNoWriMo short story titled “Ticking Time” by one of my younger sisters 😉

Our Christmas Bear (five stars)

Wind Chimes (four stars)

The first few chapters of my brother’s NaNoWriMo novel

Pleasure read:

The Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity (five stars)

The Old Mansion’s Secret (five stars)

Exile (three stars)

The Princess in Black Takes a Vacation (five stars and one heart)

Everblaze (two stars)

Counted Worthy (five stars)

Last Wish (five stars)

And Sherlock Holmes always. 😉 (He just died! I’m going to read his return in a beautiful, leather, hardback collection I got for Christmas. With chocolate and tea. <3)


Emails and a few Facebook messages

Blog and Facebook comments


How to tie a hajib (story research, ya know…)

“And” vs. “&”

How to keep chocolate chips from falling to the bottom of the batter (Dust them in flour!)

Capitalization and definition of “pax” in the phrase “Call it pax?”

“Payed” vs. “paid” (The first is nautical; the second is money)

Inches to cm conversion

How to make shorter urls


Emails and Facebook messages 😛

Approximately 4.5k words on “Kiera”

A Kiera Christmas story “The Least of These”

Christmas cards 😉

More writing prompts for Christmas gifts

Blog posts (the top five being Plate Update: Dragons, Mexican Train, and 11k Words, 6 Free eBook Deals to Snap Up, A Cautionary Tale for BloggersEyes Wide Open, and Christmas in My Soul)


Sibling NaNoWriMo stories 😀

My Projects page

And of course there was lovely, amazing Advent and Christmas with family and friends later in the day at church! Lots of great memories made. 😉 This coming month I’m looking forward to beta-reading for Amanda Tero, Faith Blum, and Hope Ann not to mention a read for review book, a nice library stack, and Christmas Sherlock. I may also get to co-author something with one of my favorite authors. (And who knows what else will come up!)

One of my goals for this year is to finish the first draft of “Kiera”, so I’m hoping there will be time to get some writing in among all of these projects. In fact, I think that’s what I’m doing next today. I’m so scared of the climax!

How was your December? How did you celebrate Christmas?


2 thoughts on “Plate Update: Christmas, Mysteries, and a Scary Climax

  1. I hardly wrote in December. I mean, my word count was 3,005 words! Yeah. Sad. 😦
    But I started writing today on “Finding Joy.” 😀 It’s a bit slow right now, but you really can’t hurry house renovations, can you?

    My Christmas was lovely. My brother and his family came over for brunch on the 24th and then we did gifts. And ended up playing a game of National Parks Monopoly. (Well, only 4 of us played. But it was fun. I won. 😉 )
    On Christmas Day we slept in!!! Went to church, came hope, ate lunch, opened our gifts and then later I went for a walk with my best friend and her younger sister. We ended the day by watching “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I barely wrote either compared to the 11k I was able to do in November! Oh, well–this month, eh? 😉

      You should blog about “Finding Joy”. We need some more clues. 😉

      Aw, sounds so special and delightful! What a great celebration!


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