Book Review: Wind Chimes

27825817Christmas is a day of forgiveness, love, God, and family, no matter where you live or when you lived. These stories will take you somewhere long ago, and yet much like today.

With a touch of humor and a family-loving gentleness, these stories carry all the hope of Christmas. (full description on Goodreads)

I enjoyed reading this sweet collection by Victoria Minks over the weekend of Christmas. Although the writing was slightly rough in a few places, I found the stories full of warmth and heart. 😉

The Wind Chimes
This one had a great theme of forgiveness! It was especially interesting to notice how God keeps giving us opportunities to do what is right whether we want them or not.

The Two Runaways
It was neat to see an older man sharing his life experiences to encourage a younger one in the right way. I also want his library. 😉

The Fourth Floor
Probably my very favorite of the whole collection. 😉 The characters were delightfully unique, and the way they accidentally worked together to meet each other’s needs was great. I especially connected with Christin, and I was so happy when her neighbor took the time to draw her out and include her in his Christmas endeavors.

The Spinster
This story is a great encouragement for those time when loneliness or feelings of worthlessness threaten to set in. Everyone in this story had to grow, and the results were awesome. 😉 Just a note that this story is set during the Civil War, so the slaves are often referred to by their skin color.

The Broken Man
A Good Samaritan and a clear Gospel presentation–what could be better?! The descriptions in this one were especially good. I could feel the frigid weather.

Winifred’s Adventure
This was my other very favorite one. The whole family situation was so sweet, and Winifred is an inspiration! I love seeing older people being vibrant for the Lord, and adoption stories are always my favorite. 😉 Another great Gospel presentation in this one too.

Best quote from the collection: “I don’t think so,” he admitted. “But I’m kind of friends with God, you see.”

Altogether, I enjoyed this collection and look forward to revisiting it next Christmas. 😉

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


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