Book Review: Our Christmas Bear

27799758“For three years, the widow and her two daughters, Rosetta and Bianca, have lived alone in the cabin on Mr. Heaton’s vast estate. But this winter they have a visitor. What would bring a man to their lonely home in the bitterness of sub-zero weather? Is he the only man who is in the forest this winter? And why does he have such a mysterious name?

Loosely based on the old tale of Snow-White & Rose-Red, this is a Christmas story the whole family can enjoy. When good and evil come face to face in the snowy woods, which will prevail?

*Note for parents: this story is based on the original fairy tale, and there is brief reference to death in one scene.” (from Goodreads)

This book by Sarah Brazytis was such a sweet, non-magical retelling of one of my favorite fairytales! I loved the sweet portrayal of family life and the cozy, winter descriptions. The illustrations were a nice touch too. I found the mystery surprising, and I loved the way everything turned out. My favorite part was definitely the description of mother and daughters making presents with their backs to each other, but the SPOILER ALERT! mismatched mittens were adorable too. I didn’t trust him for a little while, but Bear ended up being so sweet! Just a note that there are children in brief danger and a mention of an SPOILER ALERT! outlaw being shot.

Best quote: “Where will you sleep tonight?” Caroline asked suddenly. Bear turned to look at her. “Out,” he said laconically.

Altogether, I really enjoyed this Christmas-y short story! Something I will definitely be reading again. 😉

I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


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