Book Review: Along Came a Dog

674047“The long, cold winter was over. The little red hen had changed and the other chickens picked on her now, or ignored her altogether. Then one day a big black dog came to the farm in search of a home. The dog was humble and lonesome. Then hen was cocky, and lonesome, too. A strange and wonderful friendship grew between them. The dog protected the little red hen, but who would protect the big black dog from being chased off the farm? Who would convince the man who owned the farm that the dog truly belonged there?” (find this book by Meindert Dejong on Goodreads)

(This review is rather short, but my youngest sister helped word it right after we finished the book together. We had a lot of fun, and I loved seeing her enjoy one of my childhood favorites.) 😉

We love it! The dog was our favorite character, and it was fun how the man talked to animals. The last chapter was the best! It was sad when the red hen was missing, but it was funny and sweet that he SPOILER ALERT! nailed her rubber flippers up above the barn door.


7 thoughts on “Book Review: Along Came a Dog

  1. Ack, now you make me want to read a book with my little brother and write a review … but they seem to have developed a suspicion for anything I enjoy … probably because I force-read them the first page of Pride and Prejudice … XD

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