Book Review: 5 Secrets of Story Structure

28947421“Want to take your writing to the next level? Discover the “secrets” of story structure other authors are overlooking!

If you’ve read all the books on story structure and concluded there has to be more to it than just three acts and a couple of plot points, then you’re absolutely right! It’s time to notch up your writing education from “basic” to “black belt.” Internationally published author K.M. Weiland shares five “secret” techniques of advanced story structure.

In the multi-award-winning Structuring Your Novel, Weiland showed writers how to use a strong three-act structure to build a story with the greatest possible impact on readers. Now it’s time to take that knowledge to the next level.

In this supplemental book, you’ll learn:

Why the Inciting Event isn’t what you’ve always thought it is
What your Key Event is and how to stop putting it in the wrong scene
How to identify your Pinch Points—and why they can make the middle of your book easier to write
How to create the perfect Moment of Truth to move your protagonist from reaction to action
How to ace your story’s Climactic Moment every single time
And much more!

By the time you’ve finished this quick read, you’ll know more about story structure than the vast majority of aspiring authors will ever know—and you’ll be ready to write an amazing novel that stands above the crowd.

Take the next step in your evolution as a writer!” (from Goodreads)

Story plotting is my weak area, but I’ve always found the whole topic daunting. No longer!

Three Reasons Every Author Should Sleep with This Book Under Their Pillow:

1. It’s short! I read it in under an hour, but it’s jam-packed with a ton of good stuff!
2. It’s extremely clear! The whole book was one big lightbulb moment, especially because of the examples from film and literature.
3. You’ll feel like Superman! There is security in knowing that I now know how to write a good story and maybe, just maybe, I can accomplish that now. 😉

Altogether, I loved it and highly recommend it to everyone no matter their level of writing experience!


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