Thank You, All

2016-11-14-16-46-00I came home from working at the polls with my sister  to find that I had received a very sweet note in the mail. Last month I shipped out a prize from the Five Fall Favorites blog party and didn’t expect to hear anything back.

The note, something to the effect that she loved the packaging and was enjoying the writing prompts, blew me away and made my day. 😉

The other day, I was talking to a friend by email about my various trials and adventures in the field of beta-reading. She expressed that she wasn’t sure she was very good at it, and I had to contradict her. I had sent her a tiny fragment of one of my stories and shared something I was wondering about it; she replied with a very helpful suggestion of how to remedy it and a TON of enthusiasm for the rest of the story. I hope she realizes now just how encouraging a little enthusiasm can be!

These are just a few stories of the people God has sent my way to encourage me. When I’m deep in a comma coma, a conjunction catastrophe, or crying of the death of a character, I get an email. I get a goofy blog comment. I get a “Hey, how’s the story coming?”, and the day is that much better. (I also get reminded to write when I’ve been procrastinating. ;P)

I want to thank you all for your enthusiasm and making my first four and a half months of author blogging really fantastic. I’ve quite enjoyed the comment wars, constructive criticism, book recommendations, and the like. 😉 A+, you all!

Just so you know, I’m making a slight change in the posting schedule this week. I’ve decided (with the advice from family and friends) to cut down my posting to three times a week. This will include a writing/booky update from me (and those cool blog tags I’m addicted to) on Mondays, a book review Wednesday, and a more essay-type long post on Fridays. I’m hoping this will enable me to provide quality over quantity and use those “extra days” to work on some STORIEEEEES!!! 😉

Thank you all so much! I hope I have encouraged you as much as you have me. 😉


4 thoughts on “Thank You, All

  1. I agree that notes and comments make writing so much easier. 🙂 And having other keeping you on track to write . . . Yeah, let’s just say I haven’t had that much lately. 😛 *whistles innocently* I did try to write this evening. I actually got 500+ words written! And it’s on a farm and has a tractor in it. 😉 (But I don’t think it would be fair to enter the contest.) I’m hoping this story will end up a new Christmas story (I loved your idea, by the way), but so far it’s a completely different kind of Christmas story. I don’t know what’s going to happen! I have some different ideas, but I don’t know. . . .
    Yay! I’m looking forward to your new posting schedule. Maybe I won’t get so far behind now if I’m gone. 😉 And hopefully it’ll be easier for you too.

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