Creative Juices

Although I decided not to do NaNoWriMo this year, it’s been pretty fun to have an auxiliary position and get in on the excitement. 😉 Here are some bad quality phone pictures for your enjoyment…


On the very first day, Mom kicked it off with a special plate of snacks and cinnamon tea. We’ve taken to referring to it as NaNo-tea. 😉 I’m convinced that this is straight creative juices.


This sign was a collaboration (mostly by those in the Young Writer’s Program) with nearly all of the projects represented. Because they can change their wordcount goal, the young novelists have astounded me by increasing their goal almost daily. 😉 They are really getting into it! I’m looking forward to reading the finished stories I brainstormed with them in October. 😉


These two, on the other hand, have committed to the big one–50,000 words in 30 days for National Novel Writing Month! With some snacks, a very cool and inspirational workspace (and music!), and some friendly competition from their writing buddies, they’ve managed to completely surpass their daily goals. 😉


Wow, look at those tired people. 😛 (They were playing it up!) Besides getting to be a walking spelling dictionary, snack helper, random name generator (first I was asked for something from mythology then for a British boy’s name), and photobomber, I’ve joined in a few word sprints on one of my own projects. Thanks to a half hour timer and a few scenes already roughly outlined, “Kiera” has gained 2,300 more words for the first time in a several months. I’m so happy. 😉

Here’s a quick excerpt for you. My main character Kiera just told her two-year-old daughter Jade they were going to email a relative.

“I type?”


“I type, pleash?”

Kiera giggled at her pronunciation and settled her on her lap in answer. Jade pounded out an email.


“Good job. Now it’s Mommy’s turn. Can you go get a dolly?”

Jade slid off her lap eager to do the errand.

“Heya, Thorny. Hope you enjoyed that message from Jade. She’s been so cute today that I had to tell someone. She counts everything in impossibly large numbers, but she’s eager to learn. Preschool will be no problem. Yikes, it’s weird to think of preschool! I’ve been referring to myself as ‘Mommy’ all day, which is odd but it helps me somehow. Oh, and she also learned to say computer…sort of. It came out more as ‘tomputer’, which sounds a lot like a real person’s name. 😉 She hasn’t named you yet, but we’ll work on that. I’ll make sure it’s horrid enough. I miss you, and I can’t wait to hear the Easter sermon you are undoubtedly working on. Or are you rallying with Jessica? Your sister chronically, Kiera”

How are your projects going? Are you doing NaNoWriMo?


13 thoughts on “Creative Juices

  1. Busy beavers over at the Willis household! 🙂 That excerpt from your story is so cute! ❤ Jade sounds adorable! I am busy with school and various audio projects, as well is getting ready for my family's bi-annual barn sale this weekend. 🙂

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  2. All this talk of writing make me want to get to work and focus just on writing for a while. But I have to get other things done. I mean, I don’t think my readers would like it if I set aside TCR-6 or the Christmas story and didn’t get them done. Would they? 😉 I didn’t think so.

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