Plate Update: The Queen, Letters, and Friendship

Can you believe it’s November already? Here’s a quick update of what I’ve accomplished from my very full plate/platter/mound/to-do list/schedule. 😉


An amazing fantasy manuscript by Jenelle Schmidt

An adorable short story by Rebekah Jones

A super sweet contemporary manuscript by Lydia Howe

(I honestly cannot wait until all of these are published, and you can read them! Five or six stars for each.) 😉

Pleasure read:

Fairest (three stars)

The Book Thief! (five stars)

Storming (five stars)

The Friendship Doll (three stars)

Shiloh (four stars)

As well as more Sherlock Holmes, but that’s gonna take me awhile to finish. 😉



Blog and Facebook comments


Historical accuracy of The Crown tv show

Name of a documentary about the Queen

Pictures of the Union Jack and the Canadian flag (I needed to learn to draw a maple leaf) 😛

If I could ship a box wrapped in brown paper. As well as prices again. 😉

Lyrics to VeggieTales Silly Song “Billy Joe McGuffrey” 

Copyright rules about referring to fictional characters 

Young Writer’s Program NaNoWriMo

Italics in a Goodreads review 

USA population (318.9 million, in case you were wondering)

Size of the UK 

Average yearly rainfall in my state (12.41 inches! That’s only three times the rainfall of the Sahara Desert.)

Capitalization rules regarding time periods 

Friendship dolls

Mafia frogs from Meet the Robinsons

Toward vs. towards (Once again, I follow British rules.)

Most famous authors (Shakespeare for the win!)

Plus the usual random how-tos and a little bit of celebrity information.😉


Emails!!! (I have so many sweet authors and friends emailing me right now. You all are a blessing!)

Beta-reading notes

A guest post for Perry Elisabeth Design

Two letters! (One of them was ten pages.) 😉

Blog posts (the top five being Two Sisters and White-Out, The End, NaNoWri…No, Not This Year, Latest Discoveries, and Brown Paper Packages)


Blog posts (Because I’m Queen Kate of Typo)

The first chapter of “The Twin Arrows”

Reviews for Review November on Homeschooled Authors

As you can see, I was delightfully busy last month! This coming month I’m looking forward to more beta-reading/reviewing; finishing up more library hopefuls; and being NaNoWriMo auxiliary. (While hopefully getting some written on one of my own stories!)

I also need to draft a story for a short story contest, and it’s time to start thinking about Christmas presents. 😉 It’s also nearing time for a real Thanksgiving platter, so between friends real and fictional I’m gonna be busy. 😉

How was your October?


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